Top 13 Legit Games that Pay Real Money in Nigeria 2024

  • October 2, 2023

Making money online is amazing, but what’s more amazing is making money on your phone doing what you love. 

Having you on this page, I believe you are a game fanatic, and so am I too. If you’re looking to earn some extra penny from your phone, there are lots of mobile gaming apps that offer you this opportunity.

However, most of them don’t work in Nigeria, and some of the ones that work may not have a supported payout method. In this post, Nairarush has come up with 13 of the best games that pay real money in Nigeria.

So, if you want to make money from your phone playing games, join me, and let’s explore this post together.

Games that Pay Real in Nigeria

Here are some of the best gaming apps that pay real money in Nigeria.

1. Carry1st Trivia

Games that Pay in Nigeria

Carry1st Trivia is a Nigeria-based app that pays real money for playing quizzes and/or Q & A games. On this app, you can earn money by answering simple questions, usually about Nigeria.

The Carry1st app is a good one not just for earning money, but also to expand your knowledge by answering simple questions. The more questions you answer correctly, the more money you earn. However, there’s a time limit.

One amazing thing about this app is that you’ll usually be given questions that you’re familiar with. From Afrobeats and Nollywood to Nigerian history and business icons, It’s just like playing in a game show on your smartphone.

After completing each game, you’ll be rewarded, and when you reach the minimum withdrawable amount, you can request your money and get paid after review.

Carry1st can be considered as one of the online games that pay real money directly to bank account, as you can get the money earned transferred to you bank after your withdrawal request is approved.

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2. Blitz

If you want to earn real and big cash playing games online, Blitz is one of the real money earning games you mustn’t overlook.

Although it requires little deposit, you can earn thousands of dollars by engaging in the Head-to-Head and Tournament games that let players cash out when they win.

This platform was launched by Tether Studio, and it has an Android, and IOS App that you can download to make money playing games online. You can earn up to $50,000 (about ₦50 million) inside the 21 Blitz tournament mode.

Games you can play to earn on this platform include Solitaire, Bingo, Helix Jump, Ball Blast, Blackjack, Slots, and more.

All you just need to do is download the app via their website, sign up, fund your account and start earning real money going head-to-head with other users or participating in tournaments, and/or weekly league that pays big bucks.

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3. Wealth Words

Games that pay in Nigeria

The wealth words app is one of the educational games that pay real money in Nigeria. Just like the Carry1st Trivia app, you can earn money by engaging in interesting games that expand your knowledge of spelling.

This app rewards you for playing crossword games or puzzle games online. It is available on Google Play Store and App Store. You can earn up to $3000 arranging word-based puzzles on this app.

4. Gamee Prizes

Gamee Prizes is an arcade with addictive F2P real money making games where you can earn money fast. Win big time on PayPal with the daily lottery, scratchers, and of course by playing games.

On this app, you can earn tokens by playing games when you are bored for a weekly giveaway.

The more time you use on the app playing games spinning wheels and completing other tasks, the higher your chances of winning the weekly giveaway. You can request your earnings as soon as you hit $10.

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5. Match to Win

Created and launched by Rewardify, Match to Win is another amazing gaming app that pays real money for playing different types of entertaining games such as puzzles, match 3, and more.

This app is free to download, no deposit is required, and it allows you to cash out your money via PayPal when you reach the threshold. Match to Win is a reliable app, as it has over 5 million downloads on Google Play Store with good ratings.

If you really want to earn small free tokens online doing what you love, the Match to Win app is a good one to try.

6. Money Bingo

If you want to play free bingo games online, the Money Bingo app is a good one to try out. The app lets you earn free money and other exclusive prizes for playing easy bingo games.

From earning free PayPal money to getting reward prizes such as laptops, phones, and more, you can get different types of rewards using this gaming app. The cool thing is that you get a free $50 PayPal sign-up bonus once you register.

Apart from the rewards it offers, the Money bingo app is an amazing app for playing interesting games in your free time. I personally love the game that the reward, although it can only be played online (with mobile data).

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7. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is not just an app or website that pays real money for playing games, you can also engage in different types of reward tasks to earn money on Swagbucks.

The app is very popular not only in Nigeria but all over the world. You can download an app from Swagbucks, play, and earn real money. As of our last update of this post, there’s an offer that gives up to 300SB (about ₦3000) for downloading and playing a game.

You can also earn money from Swagbucks for watching videos, filling out surveys, and lots more. You can redeem your earnings fit Gift Cards and trade for cash in Nigeria.

8. Big Time Cash

If you want to earn real money online playing games every day, Big Time Cash is a good app to use. This app features interesting games that not only entertain you but also make you some extra cash.

The app features a lot of games that reward you. The higher the level of games you unlock the higher your reward. Daily draws are made on this app to reward winners.

The more games you play on the app, the higher your chances of being a winner.

The app is available on Google Play Store, it claims to have paid thousands of dollars to users, and you can also be part of them by just downloading it and starting playing games. You can request your earnings via PayPal.

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9. FreeCash

Games that pay real money in Nigeria

Launched in 2020, Freecash is one of the fastest websites to earn some free cash online. Just by playing games, testing apps and websites, or taking surveys, you can earn up to $5 for every completed task on this website.

The website is legit and claims to have paid millions of dollars to its users since its launch. You can earn up to $20 (about ₦10,000) per day on the website if you’re able to complete more tasks.

One amazing thing about Freecash is that you can request your earnings from as low as $0.10. It also offers a variety of payout methods that work in Nigeria such as PayPal, crypto (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Doge), or exchange for gift cards (Amazon, Steam, Google Play, Netflix, Spotify, Zalando, PlayStation, Xbox, and more).

10. Spades Cash

Spades Cash is another money making game app in Nigeria. It is a brand new Spades game where you can win cash and other real prizes.

Playing in solo mode, each player gets their own points and competes with players from all over the world, participating in head-to-head competitions, and/or multiplayer tournaments to win cash prizes.

Unlike other gaming apps that pay real money, Spades Cash is ad-free. So, no interruptions whatsoever while enjoying your game.

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11. Mode Earn App

Just like Swagbucks, the earn money app is a very popular reward app that pays you to play games in Nigeria. The app has a lot of reward offers that you can benefit from including watching videos, and filling out surveys.

The mode app usually features lots of play online and earns games that pay you for every minute of the game you play. You can also earn money from this app by just listening to music.

12. Toloka

Toloka is another survey app that offers download, play, and earn games that pay you for doing a watch you love.

Unlike the other surveys app in this post, Toloka only offers you the play and earn opportunity from time to time.

You can earn real money and redeem for Gift Cards and trade for cash in Nigeria on Toloka, as you can also complete other paid offers on the app.

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13. MyPoints

Last but not least is MyPoints. This is a site that pays you to complete different types of paid tasks. On MyPoints, you can earn free money by playing different types of games, watching videos, filling out surveys, and many more.

Once you download a game from this app and play, you’ll be rewarded with points worth up to $5 (about ₦5000). You can request your earnings when you reach the withdrawal threshold via PayPal or convert it to Amazon Gift Card.

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Gaming Apps That Pay Real Money – FAQs

What are the games that pay real money directly to bank account?

Games that pay real money directly to bank account in Nigeria include: Carry1st Trivia, GAMEE PRIZES, and Swagbucks.

Which android games that pay real money?

Android games that pay real money in Nigeria include Carry1st Trivia, GAMEE PRIZES, Wealth Word, Big Time Cash, Blitz, and Bingo.

What are the real money earning games via PayPal?

The real money games via PayPal in Nigeria include GAMEE PRIZES, Wealth Word, Big Time Cash, Blitz, and Bingo.

How to earn money by playing games without investment?

You can earn money by playing games without investment by downloading and playing games through survey apps like Swagbucks, Toloka, My Points, and More Earn App. You can also earn free money playing quiz games on Carry1st Trivia.


Making money online playing games is undoubtedly the easiest way to earn extra cash. Although you may not earn hundreds of thousands, the 13 best games that pay real money provided for you in this post would help you boost your bank account a little.