Top 21 Online Investment Platforms that Pay Daily in Nigeria 2024

  • November 14, 2023

You can’t build wealth by just working every day, and squandering the money on personal consumption. Instead, the best way to build wealth is to put your money to work by investing in something that will yield good returns.

You may have been seeing Americans investing in stocks and making money daily, but wondering if it is possible in Nigeria. Yes, it is! There are lots of online investment platforms that pay daily in Nigeria.

Nairarush has curated a list containing 20 of them. So, if you have some spare money in your bank account, and want to invest it in local or international stocks, mutual funds, P2P loans, dollar, or as a fixed-income instrument that generates returns daily, let’s explore this post together!

Online Investment Platforms that Pay Daily in Nigeria 2023

The best investment platforms in Nigeria that pay daily include in 2023 include:

1. Risevest

Online investment platforms that pays daily

Looking to invest in foreign stocks? Risevest could be the number one go-to platform for you. This platform lets you invest your money in dollars.

There are lots of investment options on the Risevest platform. From investing in US stocks like Amazon, and Tesla, to putting your money into real estate online, the investment opportunities here are endless.

Risevest is a trustworthy platform, as they have a quality company team of investment experts that help handle your investment. With just as low as $10 (about ₦5000) you can start investing online through Rise and make money daily.

2. Trove

If you want to buy local shares like Dangote Cement, Firstbank, or Jumia, trove is an ideal platform for you. With just as little as ₦1000, you can invest even in foreign stocks such as Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and so on.

With trove, you can buy and hold or trade various foreign and local stocks, as well as bonds and ETFs. The cool thing is that this platform also gives you access to tools that would help you become a savvy investor.

To start investing on this platform, you’ll need to register an account and complete the verification process. After that, you can fund your account and start investing. You can also save your uninvested money on the platform.

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3. Cowrywise

Cowrywise is one of the best online investment platforms that pay daily for those that want to explore mutual fund investment. You can save and invest your money and get returns daily, as Cowrywise pays you your interest on a daily basis.

From mutual funds to agricultural investment, and even fixed savings plans that let you put away a lump sum for long periods, Cowrywise offers an array of investment options.

The opportunities don’t end there, as you can also invest in foreign stocks on Cowrywise. So, you have the option of investing your money, or saving it and getting interest on it on a daily basis, the choice is yours!

4. Piggyvest

If you have spare money sitting in your bank account, you can just move it to Piggyvest, lock it in, and keep generating daily profit from it every day.

Piggyvest is one of the most popular online investment platforms that pay daily in Nigeria. It has multiple investment options, and can also serve as an online bank.

If you have a specific financial goal, Piggyvest could help you achieve it by letting you lock your money and watch it grow on a daily basis. Further, from buying shares to investing in stocks using investify, you can also diversify your portfolio on the Piggyvest app.

5. Bamboo

Investment platforms in Nigeria

Just like Risevest, Bamboo is an online investment platform that allows Nigerians to invest in foreign stocks. With just as little as $10 (about ₦5000), you can start investing and making money daily exploring a wide range of investment opportunities that Bamboo offers.

On this platform, you can deposit and put your money in fixed savings where your interest gets credited daily. You can also invest in both Nigerian and foreign stocks by buying, holding, or trading them.

Bamboo also offers you the opportunity to invest in ETFs such as S&P 500 which is proven to have been profitable over many years. This platform is trustworthy and worth trying if you want to invest like a pro.

6. Carbon

Carbon, formerly known as paylater is popularly known as a loan app in Nigeria. However, with as little as 100 Naira, you can invest in fixed savings which returns can go up to 16% per annum. The cool thing is that the interest adds up every day.

Carbon also lets you set and help you meet your financial goals by allowing you to customize your investment duration between 3 months to 12 months. So, if you have money, not in use in your bank account, you can move it to carbon and enjoy daily interest.

7. Accrue

Just like Risevest, Accrue helps you grow your idle money by letting you invest in stocks, crypto, and dollars using the dollar-cost averaging principle.

From investing in stablecoin that yields daily returns to saving your money towards your financial goals, you can benefit from Accrue in many ways. It also has a vault you can lock your money in for a specific period and earn up to 5% interest on withdrawals.

With as little as $1 (about ₦500), you can register on Accrue and opt-in for the investment options that suit you. Investing in dollars, Accrue uses the dollar-cost averaging strategy to mitigate risk and reduce the impact of price volatility on your investments.

8. Chipper Cash

Just like Carbon, Chipper Cash offers more than what it is popularly known for. On chipper cash, you can fund your account and invest in stocks from Nigeria.

From buying fractional shares to investing in foreign stocks, and even saving on fees with the lowest commission, Chipper cash can also help you build wealth.

With just $1, you’re good to get started. All you just need is to register on the platform, fund your account, and let it grow daily by putting it into the investment options that suit you.

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9. Chaka

Online investment platforms in Nigeria

If you’ve been wanting to invest in Amazon, Tesla, Nike, or buy shares at Dangote, Jumia, and so on, Chaka could be a good option to try.

You can start trading shares with Chaka from as low as $10 or N1000. You can track returns on investments purchased on the Chaka website or app. The amazing thing is that the withdrawal process is seamless if you want to get your saved money, or realized gains on stocks.

10. P2Vest

If you have idle money in your account, one of the best ways to put it to work is to lend it to people and gain interest on it on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis. This is where P2Vest comes in.

P2Vest is one of the newest online investment platforms that pay daily in Nigeria. You can gain good returns on your investment by lending people money for a reasonable interest rate. In other words, P2Vest is a P2P lending platform.

This platform connects loyal borrowers to trusted lenders and investors who are looking for better returns on their investments. As a lender, you can get up to 6% interest per loan.

This P2P loan platform offers loan amounts of N5,000 to N2,000,000 with a loan tenure of up to 12 months.

If you have a huge amount of money, P2Vest also has a B2B loan platform called P2VFB for businesses to manage their money lending activities.

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11. I-Invest

If you’re looking for a risk-free online investment platform in Nigeria, then you should try I-Invest. They offer a wide range of investment opportunities including letting you securely purchase and manage Treasury bills from your mobile device.

The I-invest app was launched by Sterling bank in conjunction with Parthian partners. This means that they can be trusted.

On the platform, you can buy various Nigerian company shares including Dangote Cement, BUA, MTN, Airtel, Nestle, and so on. I-invest also has a fixed deposit investment plan that lets you earn up to 10% interest.

Unlike other investment platforms on this list, I-invest requires a high entree fee. That is you can only start investing on the platform with a minimum of ₦100,000.

12. GetEquity

Investment platforms that pay in Nigeria

With the rate at which start-ups are gaining ground in Nigeria, finding a unique one to invest in is a great idea if you have some spare money to invest. If you’re interested in that, GetEquity is what you need.

GetEquity helps you build wealth through investing in small start-ups. From fintech to real estate, and even the health industry, you can invest in any startup across Africa on the GetEquity platform.

The investment strategy this platform offers is great, as you can buy a small startup share now with little money, and make up to 1000% or more ROI when it becomes successful.

13. Pillow Fund

Pillow fund is another smart online investment platform that pays daily in Nigeria. This platform allows you to invest in dollars, and also easily get the best returns on your digital assets.

On Pillow fund, you can invest your naira in stablecoins and earn up to 14% per annum on your investment. The interest on your investments is paid in daily increments.

You can get started on the platform with as little as ₦1000. Pillow fund also allows you to invest in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum, and earn up to 6% interest.

14. PayDay Investor

Payday Investor is one of the most popular online investment platforms that pay daily in Nigeria. This platform allows investors to save money and grow returns by investing in mutual funds via ARM.

Payday Investor offers you the opportunity to automate your savings on a weekly or monthly basis. You can track your interest on a daily basis and earn up to 15% on the app.

With just as little as ₦1000, you can start getting returns on your investment. Just like Piggyvest, this platform also allows you to save your money to meet your financial goals.

15. Fint

Fint is another smart Nigerian online investment platform that deals with P2P lending. This platform connects screened borrowers with trusted lenders.

You can lend someone your money on this platform, and charge a loan interest rate. The more money you have to invest on this platform, the bigger your realizable gain.

With at least ₦20,000, you can become a lender on Fint. Your investment returns are deposited directly into your account on a monthly basis.

Apart from the P2P lending service, Fint also offers you the opportunity to diversify your portfolio by investing in stocks, bonds, fixed deposits, and even savings accounts.

16. Branch

Just like Carbon, Branch is a well-known loan app. However, it has a lot to offer apart from the popular loan service. On branch, you can invest your idle money and earn daily interest.

Branch also offers users the opportunity to lock their money for up to 365 days and earn up to 20% interest per annum. That is if you invest 100,000, you’ll get up to 20,000 naira in profits within 12 months doing nothing.

17. AjoBox

AjoBox can be classified as a P2P, or B2B loan platform majorly focused on SME financing. With at least ₦50,000 you can become a lender on AjoBox and enjoy up to 16% ROI per annum.

On this platform, you can invest in small businesses by lending them money for a period of six to twelve months. Once the loan tenure is due, you’ll get back your money, and also the profits. For example, if you started with ₦500,000 you could gain up to ₦80,000 in six to twelve months.

18. Opay

Just like Chipper Cash, Opay is well-known as a fintech platform that allows users to receive and transfer money, as well as pay bills, buy recharge cards, and so on. All these are amazing, but what’s more beneficial about Opay is that you can save and get daily interest.

Opay has many in-app investment platforms that pay daily. They include Owealth, Targets, Spend & Save, SafeBox, and Fixed. You can save your money on this platform and earn up to 18% interest per annum.

Your interest is credited into your account daily, and you can withdraw your investment and profits (interest) whenever you want. You can invest as low as NGN 100 on lots of these platforms.

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19. SumoTrust


SumoTrust is a very secure online savings and investment platform helping Nigerians build wealth through micro savings and investment.

From saving your money daily, weekly or monthly intervals and earning 10% interest per annum, to locking it away for a long period of time (up to 365 days) and earning up to 15% interest annually, there is a wide range of investment opportunities that SumoTrust offers.

20. KudaBank

Backed by the Nigeria Deposit Guarantee Corporation (NDIC), KudaBank is one of the most trusted online investment platforms in Nigeria. Although it is a microfinance bank, you can save and invest your money on the platform.

Kuda offers users the opportunity to invest in some of the top US stocks such as Amazon, NVDA, Tesla, Twitter, Meta, and so on via Bamboo. With the Kuda Pocket, you can also access the Fixed deposit feature that lets you earn guaranteed daily interest on your savings.

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21. Binance

Love to invest in cryptocurrency? Binance is the most popular investment platform in Nigeria for bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, shib, and all other cryptocurrencies.

From staking to trading, and even holding there are lots of ways to invest in cryptocurrency on the Binance platform. All you need to get started is to register, get verified, fund your account, and start investing in any crypto of your choice.

Investment Platforms in Nigeria – FAQs

Where can I invest my money online in Nigeria?

Platforms to invest your money in Nigeria include Trove, Risevest, Opay, Piggyvest, Pillow Fund, Cowrywise, Accrue, Carbon, Chipper Cash, GetEquity, etc.

What are the best savings and investment platforms in Nigeria?

The best savings and investment platforms in Nigeria include Piggyvest, Opay, Branch, Chipper Cash, Carbon, SumoTrust, and KudaBank.

What are the best investment apps in Nigeria

The best investment apps in Nigeria include Piggyvest, Cowrywise, Risevest, Payday Investor, Carbon, Accrue, Bamboo, Chaka, etc.


Letting your money sit in your bank account is a very terrible idea if you want to build wealth. There are lots of online platforms to invest your money and make good returns in Nigeria.

We’ve listed 21 of them in this post, and I believe you’ll find the one that best suits your financial condition.