Top 5 Cheapest Websites for Printing Recharge Card 2024

  • October 1, 2023

With the sale of recharge cards being a fast-moving business, a lot of people want to venture into it, but the most popular and affordable way to operate the business is by buying from dealers and reselling either to retailers or final consumers.

However, that’s not so anymore! Thanks to the rise of various recharge card printing websites and apps, the business has been more accessible, and profitable, as anybody even with just a smartphone can now print and sell recharge cards legally in Nigeria.

In this post, we will show you some of the best and cheapest websites for printing recharge card in Nigeria. Not only that, but some of the sites also let you buy data for extremely cheap rates and sell for good profits.

Are you ready to discover them? Let’s get started then!

5 Best & Cheapest Websites to Print Recharge Cards in Nigeria

The cheapest and best websites for printing recharge cards in Nigeria in 2023 include:

1. VTU.com.ng

Having been in existence since 2017, VTU.com.ng is one of the most popular and leading websites for recharge card printing in Nigeria. It is one of the cheapest sites to print recharge card in Nigeria. You can even use their services from the comfort of your home.

VTU.com.ng also offers other exclusive services including data purchase, airtime top-up (online), bill payment, bulk SMS, and so on. That means aside from printing recharge cards, you can become a data reseller, and also enjoy other services they provide.

Apart from airtime, data, and bill payment service, you can also promote your brand using their online channels. VTU.com.ng is a multipurpose website registered with CAC, and that is why it is trusted by lots of recharge card vendors.

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2. Airvend

Cheapest websites for printing recharge card

Airvend is one of the cheapest recharge card printing websites in Nigeria. This platform is technology-driven, making the recharge card business fast and easy from anywhere in the country.

Airvend offers a mobile app that lets users create a free account and gain access to all of their services including recharge card printing. On the platform, you can easily generate recharge card e-pins for yourself either for personal or commercial purposes.

One amazing thing about Airvend is that it offers amazing commissions and up to 6% incentives to users. On Airvend, you can generate recharge card e-pins for all networks, and sell for profits.

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3. Rechargecardprinting.com

Rechargecardprinting.com.ng is another cheap site for printing recharge card in Nigeria. Unlike others, this site offers you software that lets you print recharge cards using your phone.

With this software, you can buy recharge card E-pins from sites like VTU.com.ng, or offline mega dealers, and start printing all kinds of recharge cards hassle-free. Their website comes in two packages, the free one and the one that costs a little to access.

Rechargecardprinting.com also offers some free guides for recharge card printing business. Therefore, the website is a great one, not just for recharge card software, but also to learn about the recharge card business in Nigeria.

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4. OneCard Nigeria

OneCard Nigeria is a secure online platform that allows you to recharge airtime for all networks and pay bills nationwide. This website also offers retail channels using a handheld secure top-up device that recharges multiple devices.

You can register to become an agent on this platform where you’ll gain access to the One1Card. This OneCard is a scratch card that allows you to recharge all networks.

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5. FastConnect.com.ng

FastConnect is another site for printing recharge cards that lets you generate recharge card pins for all networks in Nigeria. Just like VTU.com.ng, this website also offers additional services including bulk SMS, cheap data, airtime top-up, and bill payments.

You can register on their website, and earn a juicy commission for all the transactions from data purchases to bulk SMS performed. They also offer a referral program that lets you earn more when you refer a friend.

To gain access to their recharge card printing services, you must register to become an agent. They offer a recharge card printing service for all networks in Nigeria.

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The recharge card printing business is very profitable in Nigeria as there has been a continuous increase in the use of airtime both for calls and data purchases. And not until now, recharge card printing has never been easier.

With the list of the cheapest sites for printing recharge card provided for you in this post, I believe you’ve known the best places to get your e-pin printed even using your mobile phone in Nigeria.