Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria: How to Start & Cost in 2024

  • October 1, 2023

Recharge card printing business is a very lucrative and fast-moving business in Nigeria. This is because hundreds of millions of Nigerians have access to mobile phones, and of course, they buy recharge cards either to make calls or buy data.

From printing to buying from dealers, there are a lot of opportunities in this business, although printing is the most profitable. While it is the most profitable, a lot of people want to start, but don’t know how to go about it.

If you’re one of them, this post is for you. Here in this article, from the cost of starting and profitability to the required equipment and how to get e-pins, we will show you everything you need to know about the recharge card printing business in Nigeria.

Are you ready to know all that? Let’s go then!

Starting a Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria

Like I said earlier, the increase in the daily use of phones has increased the demand for recharge cards. This is because a lot of Nigerians use more than one line on their device, and a lot are heavy data users, making the business very profitable.

The recharge card business in Nigeria can be started anywhere by anybody, as long as there is a mobile network.

Whether you have a low capital or can start on a large scale you can venture into this business, as there are different opportunities, and modes of operation you can start with.

Talking about the mode of operation, what are the ways you can start a recharge card business in Nigeria based on your budget?

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1. Becoming a Recharge Card Mega Dealer

Becoming a mega dealer is the highest operation level in the recharge card business in Nigeria. Mega dealers are usually located in cities/towns, and they make the most profits.

As a mega dealer, you’ll be responsible for buying recharge pins in large quantities directly from various network providers (MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile, and Smile), then reselling in bulk to wholesalers at your own rate.

2. Becoming a Recharge Card Wholesaler

Also referred to as the recharge card distribution business in Nigeria, recharge card wholesaling often involves buying different types of recharge cards from mega dealers and then reselling to retailers for profit.

With the help of some online sites that sell recharge card printing software, wholesalers are also able to print recharge cards in small quantities.

Note that printing recharge cards as a wholesaler through recharge card printing websites don’t mean you’re dealing with the network providers directly. Instead, the sites are the mega dealers who get the pins in large quantities from the network operators, but instead of printing and reselling, they let you do the printing, by offering you the cheapest rate.

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3. Becoming a Recharge Card Retailer

Recharge card retailers are the smallest entities in the recharge card supply chain. As a retailer, you operate as the final consumer point of contact to various network providers. That is, retailers buy packs from wholesalers, and resell to people that load the card.

The recharge card printing sites are also open to retailers, which means they too can print recharge cards in small quantities, and resell in pieces to final consumers.

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How to Print Recharge Card

Recharge Card printing business

Knowing how to print recharge card in Nigeria is very easy, but you need to know the requirements first to get started. So, what are the materials required to start a recharge card printing business?

  1. A laptop, smartphone, or desktop PC
  2. Internet connection
  3. Recharge card printing software
  4. A4 papers
  5. Printing machine
  6. Recharge Card E-pins

Those are the needed equipment for the business. With that out of the way, let’s see how to start recharge card printing business in Nigeria.

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How to Start a Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria

Here’s a step-by-step guide to start a recharge card printing business in Nigeria in 2023:

1. Decide on Your Mode of Operation

The first step in starting a recharge card printing business in Nigeria is deciding the level at which you want to operate. While making your decision, you need to put into consideration the startup capital you can raise, and your location.

If you can raise millions of naira, starting as a mega dealer would be a perfect idea. However, with not much budget, starting as a wholesaler or retailer would be a better choice.

Also, your location really matters when deciding your mode of operation. This is because mega dealers can only operate well in towns, while wholesalers and retailers can operate anywhere.

2. Get Some Training

From operating the machines to marketing and sales, you need to acquire some training to get started with this business.

Some recharge card printing sites offer training materials such as PDF guides, and videos. You can start from there, or perhaps find someone already into the business, and get trained for a few days before starting.

3. Get The Needed Types of Equipment

During your training courses, you should know all the materials needed to start the business, and the best types to buy. So, you need to get all these materials to get started. We’ve also listed some for you above, but they may be more than that, so do your findings.

4. Get a Shop/Kiosk

Thanks to various recharge card printing sites, you can start printing recharge cards right from the comfort of your home. However, as a business, you need a shop to thrive in the recharge card printing industry.

You can rent a shop, or kiosk, or perhaps build a big structure to start a recharge card printing business anywhere in Nigeria.

While looking for a place for your shop, make sure you consider how easy it will be for potential customers to locate you, and also do some findings on how secure the area is, as hoodlums and armed robbers do break into recharge card stores. So, make sure you have areas with high crime rates.

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5. Register Your Business

Although not compulsory for all, as a mega dealer, your business must be registered with at least the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to work with any telecommunication company in Nigeria whether MTN, Glo, Airtel, or 9mobile.

6. Start Printing

After knowing how to print recharge cards, getting the needed types of equipment, securing a shop, and registering your business, the next thing is to start printing.

Here, you must have downloaded the needed software, then proceed to buy recharge card E-pins for various network providers in the country and start printing.

Since you’re just starting, it will be ideal to print in small quantities until you build a loyal customer base. Also, make sure that you’re printing the fastest-selling types. For example, if areas where a specific network is bad, it will be ideal not to print too much of the network’s recharge card, as they won’t move fast. Also, make sure you start by printing the fastest-moving prices (e.g, N100, and N200).

How Profitable is Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria?

One common question people ask about this business is – is recharge card printing business profitable?

Yes, the recharge printing business is very profitable. Although it requires a lot of sales to see a significant profit, the profit margin is not that great.

While how much money you could make depends on the level at which you operate, the high usage of recharge cards for calls, data purchases, and SMS sending has made the profits of the business move in cycles.

This is because the more sales retailers make, the more money wholesalers and mega dealers make, as there will be high demand, which results in a quick turnover. And since the profit is based on sales than on margin, more profits will be made overall.

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How Much Does it Cost to Start a Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria

Just like every other business, knowing the amount it costs to start a recharge card printing business in Nigeria is very essential, as this will help prepare you for the business.

Just like the profitability, the capital required for a recharge card printing business in Nigeria depends on your mode and level of operation. This is because the materials, equipment, and labour needed vary based on the levels.

As a mega dealer, you’ll need up to 10 million Naira and more to start a recharge card printing business in Nigeria. While as a wholesaler, you can start with anything from 100,000 Naira and above, and a retailer needs as little as 3000 Naira to start the business.

However, if you’re looking to start with the recharge card printing sites, the starting cost depends on the cost of the software and printing device.

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Airtime Printing Business – FAQs

How can I become a recharge card printing agent?

To become a recharge card printing agent, you just need to register with a mega dealer or telecom company, purchase the recharge card printing software, get a recharge card printer, start printing, and start selling.

How much do recharge card dealers make?

Recharge card mega dealers make anywhere from hundreds of thousands to millions of Naira daily in Nigeria.

How to start recharge card printing business with my phone?

To start a recharge card printing business with your phone, you first need to register with recharge card printing sites, then you’ll gain access to the netdivo epin manager online portal for printing recharge cards, via your phone web browser.


Printing recharge can be done on phone, and starting the business as a mega dealer, wholesaler, and even retailer is very lucrative and easy in Nigeria, as all it requires is a startup capital which could be any amount depending on your level of operation. With this post on how to start a recharge card printing business in Nigeria, I believe you know all that is required to print recharge card and start selling for profits.