How to Make Money on PalmPay (2024) | 6 Ways Earn 500+ Daily

  • December 13, 2023

Palmpay is popularly known as a finance app where you can save, send and receive money, buy airtime and pay bills. But do you know that you can use the app to your advantage?

If you’re an online money hunter like me, you’d probably been wondering how to make money on PalmPay the first time you know about the app.

Although not much information about it online, you’re just being lucky to find yourself on this page.

Because here in this post, I’ll show you exactly how to earn money on PalmPay app in six ways. Also, you’ll see how to boost up your money fast with a simple trick, where you could be making up to 20k and above.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

What is PalmPay All About?

PalmPay is an online finance platform that has its app launched to help you save, send, and receive money without the need of going to the bank.

Also, you can buy airtime to any local network, and also pay bills such as DSTV, GoTV and StarTimes subscriptions, and also electricity bills too.

Go get started with the platform, all you just need to do is download the PalmPay app, sign up for an account, and start getting rewards on transactions.

Talking about rewards on transactions, yes! PalmPay also offers some features that let you earn money. 

Making Money On PalmPay

Like I said above, PalmPay isn’t just a finance platform that just lets you transfer and receive money, or pay bills and buy airtime, you can also make money with them.

Talking about making money online with PalmPay, there are lots of ways you can use the app to your advantage and start earning even while spending.

A lot of people that found those methods out early have been able to make tens of thousands of Naira while doing almost nothing. You know what I mean! (FREE MONEY)

Although referring your friends to join PalmPay is a very smart way of making money with the app, there are some smarter ways that you might not have heard of.

If you want to discover them, then let’s see how to make money on PalmPay now.

How to Make Money on PalmPay

First things first. To make money on PalmPay, you need to download the app, and sign up or register an account with your correct and accurate information.

However, if you already have an account with PalmPay, you can go ahead and log in.

With that being said, the following is how to make money with PalmPay app.

  1. PalmPay Referral Program
  2. PalmPay Cash Spree
  3. Rewards on Transactions
  4. PalmPay N10 Deal
  5. Spin and Win Lucky Game
  6. Group Buying

PalmPay Referral Program

Earn money with PalmPay referral program

If you want to make fast, and free money on PalmPay, the referral program which is well known as Refer and Earn or PalmPay Awoof Moni is what I would suggest you start with, although it is not the easiest.

The PalmPay referral program works in a way that when you tell your friends about PalmPay, or you recommend the app to people and they sign up using your referral link, you’ll earn real cash, not points.

When you refer just 1 person, you’ll earn at least N500, refer 2 friends to earn 1k, and so on. Of course, you can withdraw into your PalmPay wallet, and also withdraw it into cash and spend.

One super cool thing about this PalmPay referral method is that you’re not the only one making money, the people you refer can also N100 airtime for free after they sign up using your referral link.

Therefore, to make money on PalmPay using this method, just open the PalmPay app, click on the “Refer and Earn” button, copy your referral link, and share it with your friends.

PalmPay Cash Spree

Another way to make money with the PalmPay app is via the Cash Spree which is another referral program on PalmPay. But here, you earn points, not money.

The points that you’ll earn are called the PalmPoints and can be converted into Naira which is completely withdrawable.

Similar to the one above, all you need to do to earn money with this method is to recommend the PalmPay app to friends, family, neighbours, co-workers, etc.

When they sign up using your invitation code (not a referral link), you’ll earn 100 PalmPoints, and after completing their first transaction on the app, you’ll earn another 100 PalmPoints, making it 200 PalmPoints per referral.

Read our post about the PalmPay invitation code to see how to get your invitation code and start earning points.

Rewards on Transactions

Of course, money transfer is almost free on PalmPay, but do you know that some transactions on PalmPay come with rewards?

Another way of earning money with PalmPay app is by doing transactions that reward you with cashback.

These types of transactions include buying airtime and paying bills. If you buy airtime from the PalmPay app, you could earn up to 6% cashback as a reward.

For example, if you purchase N1,000 airtime, you could earn N60 as a reward.

Didn’t seem quite a lot, right? But, what about turning it into business by finding people who want to buy airtime, recharge for them at the normal rate, and make a 6% profit credited into your PalmPay wallet?

If you can purchase about N10,000 from PalmPay daily, that means you can earn up to N600 every day, which is equivalent to N18,000 per month. Now seem huge, right?

So, if you’re seeking how to earn money on PalmPay via airtime and data purchase, that’s simply how to do it.

PalmPay ₦10 Deal (PalmPay Giveaway)

If you believe in luck, then try the ₦10 deal on PalmPay to see if your luck will shine.

PalmPay has a feature in form of a lottery ticket where you can purchase one for just 10 Naira and stand the chance of winning up to 20,000 Naira.

To stand a chance of winning, make sure you have at least ₦10 in your balance, then click on the “₦10 Deal” button on your dashboard. Buy a ticket, then sit back and wait for the result, you could possibly be the lucky winner.

And that’s simply how to make money with PalmPay if you want a huge amount of money at once.

Spin and Win Lucky Game

Earn money on PalmPay spinning

Yes, this is another lucky game on PalmPay where you could spin and if you’re lucky, you could win some prizes.

This is the PalmPay feature that you could use to make the most amount of money at once, as you can spin and win up to 50K. Yes, 50,000 Naira at once with just a click.

To use this method to make money on PalmPay app, all you just need to do is to activate the PalmPay Ok Card. Once activated, you’ll up to 10 free spins every week.

The amazing thing about the PalmPay Spin and Win Lucky Game is that it is free, and your chances of winning prizes is 100%. That simply means for every free spin, you’ll always win something.

So, if you’re here to find out how to make free money on PalmPay risk-free, I’d recommend you activate your OK Card, and spin a wheel.

Group Buying

Another way to make money with PalmPay is the group buying method. Though, I like calling it how to save money on PalmPay.

Group buying simply means contributing money within a group of PalmPay users to buy airtime, data, or pay bills such as funding your betting account in bulk which usually comes with a discount.

For example, if the regular price for a 100MB MTN data bundle is ₦100, you could get a 10% discount if you join a group to buy the data.

Now, instead of solely paying ₦100 for the bundle, you’ll save ₦10 by paying ₦90 when you buy it in a group.

Now you see why I call it how to save money on PalmPay.

How to Earn Money on PalmPay

If you’re seeking how to earn money on the PalmPay app, this is specifically for you.

To earn money on PalmPay, you just need to frequently check open and check your PalmPay account on the app for new and current promos on PalmPay.

Once you find a promo that is currently running, all you need to do is read the instructions, and terms and conditions of it, then join if you’re certified with the rule.

Frequent types of promos on PalmPay include festive season promos (e.g, Easter, Salah, Christmas) like PalmPay Super Easter challenge, social media challenge promos, and so on.

Here’s an example of one of the most popular previous promos on PalmPay:

[Vskit Promo: Participate by making a creative skit showing how your expression is when PalmPay rewards you and stands a chance to win from the N200,000 pool prize].

How I which the promo is still available on the app, I would have just said that’s how to make money on PalmPay app for free.

However, since it has ended, you can just keep an eye around for the next ones, so that you won’t miss them.

How to Boost Your PalmPay Earnings

Now that you’ve known how to earn money on PalmPay, I hope you haven’t forgotten I told you there’s a trick to make more money on PalmPay.

What is the trick?

To boost your PalmPay earnings, all you need to do is to buy more “Deal” (₦10 Deal) tickets to increase your chance of winning.

I’m telling you this because I’ve seen a friend that invested ₦500 in buying the ₦10 deal ticket and won a whopping sum of ₦20,000.

Although, winning is not guaranteed even if you buy tickets worth ₦500 or more. but at least it will increase your chances of winning.

Therefore, if you have spare money that you could risk losing, you can buy more tickets to try your luck.

Earning Money on PalmPay – FAQs

How do I make money on PalmPay?

To make money with PalmPay, you just need to refer a friend to register using your referral link or invitation code. You can also make money on the app by participating in PalmPay giveaways and promos.

How can I earn money from PalmPay?

You can earn money with PalmPay by buying data or airtime and paying bills to earn cashback rewards. You can also earn money on the app by doing group buying, and participating in PalmPay giveaways and frequent promos.

Does PalmPay do giveaway?

Yes, there are giveaway promos on PalmPay that all customers can participate in.

Can I make money on PalmPay?

Yes, you can make money on PalmPay up to 50,000 Naira at once.


PalmPay is undoubtedly one of the few finance platforms that offer users the platform to make money alongside the financial services it renders.

With this thorough guide, we believe you would have known how to make money online with PalmPay, how to earn money on PalmPay, and how to make money on PalmPay app easily.

Now is your turn to implement the strategies you just learned here today.