20 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start With 300K in Nigeria 2024

  • October 1, 2023

After raising the capital needed to start a business, one question you cannot skip is; what business can I start with 300K in Nigeria? Since there are tons of businesses out there, knowing the most profitable ones may be difficult.

But don’t worry, that is why I curated this post to show you some of the most profitable businesses to start with 300K in Nigeria whether you’re a student, graduate, or not even educated, regardless of where you live.

This post contains both online and offline business ideas anyone can start right now. So, just keep scrolling down and enjoy the post.

List of Lucrative Businesses to Start with 300K in Nigeria: OFFLINE

Here are the best and most profitable 300k business ideas to start in Nigeria in 2023:

1. POS Business

POS business

The first profitable and easy business you can start with 300K in Nigeria is to start rendering POS/E-payment services.

This business model is very easy as all you need to do is to apply for and get a POS machine and find a small kiosk or a space where you can start your POS business with just a chair, table and umbrella.

POS business is very profitable especially when you’re in a busy area that banks or ATMs are not close to. You can make up to N10,000 profit per day with this business.

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2. Cooking Gas Business

With cooking gas being what almost every household now uses for cooking, starting the business is one that will thrive if done properly.

With N300,000, all you just need to get started with this business is a gas tank, scale, dispenser, hosepipe, and other small but necessary materials.

Cooking gas business in Nigeria can be started from home if you have a small space in front of your house. Keep in mind that you’ll need to learn a little about this business before you start, due to some of the dangers that come with it.

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3. Food Stuff Business

Selling food stuff is another profitable and easy business anyone can start with 300K in Nigeria right now.

Foodstuff like beverages, Rice, Garri, and Noddles sells well and are very profitable, especially in student areas. Therefore, with 300k, all you need is a shop, then find a foodstuff distributor, negotiate and buy as many items as possible.

Once you have your purchased items in your shop, you can start selling at retail prices for a good profit.

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4. Real Estate Business

As the real estate market is gradually developing in Nigeria, you can venture into the industry with a 300K capital and make a good profit in no time.

With 300,000 Naira, you definitely can’t own a whole property in Nigeria, instead, you can get an apartment worth 300K or less, and then rent them out at higher prices.

For example, if you get two apartments in Ajah area of Lagos for 150K each, you can rent them out for 200K each, giving the real landlord 150K for each of the apartments, and keeping a total profit of 100K.

This business idea is very easy and profitable in Lagos, Abuja, and Port-Harcourt, and you can do it over and over again. The more properties you get for people, the more money you’ll make.

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5. Sales of Mobile Accessories

Selling mobile accessories such as headphones, power banks, chargers, screen guards, batteries, and so on, is another lucrative business to start with 300K in Nigeria.

This business idea is best for people living in busy areas where there’s no one selling such products.

To start, you just need to get a small shop, then find mobile accessories wholesalers to get those items for cheap prices to sell at retail prices for a good profit. If you live in Lagos, computer village is the best place to find wholesalers.

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6. Cosmetics Business

Starting a cosmetics business where you’ll sell skin care products such as cream, body oil and tubes, and make up products such as powder, lipstick, eyelashes, and so on, is a very lucrative business to start with 300K for ladies in Nigeria especially.

This business requires a small shop and a little knowledge about cosmetics products. Then, you can find a supplier to get those products from in bulk, and resell for profit in pieces.

7. Open A Boutique

Boutique business

Did you know that boutiques make huge profits from sales of shirts, trousers, and shoes, which makes it one of the most lucrative businesses to start with N300,000 in Nigeria?

The most essential thing you need to start this business is a very beautiful shop located in a busy area. Once your shop is ready, due to your budget, it is not necessary you start with high-class products, as you can start with first-grade Okrika.

I know of someone who is doing this business, all he does is buy first-grade Okrika, then package them to look new by spraying them with a nice scent to smell new.

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8. Recharge Card Business

Selling recharge cards is another amazing and fast-selling business you can start in Nigeria with 300K capital or less regardless of your location.

Since everyone needs recharge cards to make calls, send SMS and subscribe to data plans, you would make lots of sales and a recharge card retailer.

With N300,000, you can also become a recharge card wholesaler, as all you need to do is find a supplier who prints recharge cards, buy from them in bulk, and resell them in wholesale and retail for profit.

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9. Open Football Viewing Center

Football viewing center business make a lot of money on weekends especially, as most people prefer to watch football matches at viewing centres due to the fun.

This business can be started with 300K or less, as all you need is a very big shop, fill the place with benches, get a wide screen TV, a generator, and a cable (DSTV) with a subscription that can view all football channels, then start your business.

You can start attracting customers by getting a board where you’ll write the upcoming football matches to get people’s attention. As your centre becomes popular, you can be making up to N30,000 weekly in no time.

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10. Sales of Hair Extensions

Sales of hair extensions
Credits: iStock

Sales of hair extensions is another lucrative business idea you can start with N300,000 in Nigeria, and scale.

This business usually works well when you import those hair extensions, and the cool thing is that 300k capital is more than enough to get started.

To start, you’ll need to find and connect with other sellers as they usually come together to shoulder the cost of importation, as well as the clearing fee.

Once your product arrives in Nigeria, you can start by marketing it to friends and close ones. To make this type of business thrive, you’ll need to have social media pages where you can post your products, and possibly run paid ads to get customers fast.

11. Production and Sales of Oven Dried Fish

If you live in riverside areas like Lokoja, or you have a place (pond) where you could get fresh fish at cheap rates, a very profitable business you can start with 300,000 Naira is the production and sales of oven-dried fish.

A family friend of mine who lives in Lokoja started this business a while ago and is now profitable making about 200K in revenue every month.

To start this business, all you need is an oven, fresh fish, and packaging materials, then you can start marketing your products and making sales.

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12. Rental Service

Another lucrative business you can start in Nigeria with 300,000 Naira is a rental service where you’ll rent out canopies, chairs, tables, pots, coolers, and so on to people for events.

This business requires a less physical presence to thrive. It also requires patience, as it pays off in the long run by yielding profits over time.

To start this business, all you need to do is buy some set of canopies, tons of chairs, tables, and all other things that are rented for events. You can get clients by looking for event planners and offering them your service at a fair rate.

13. Livestock Production

If you have a job, but looking for a side hustle to start with 300K in Nigeria, the production of livestock is an easy one to get started with.

Amongst all, poultry farming is the most profitable as you can start it for N300,000 and make a huge profit from the sales of birds and eggs.

Other livestock production businesses are goat rearing, snail farming, pig farming, fish farming, cattle and so on. There are all profitable and don’t require as much time as poultry farming, so they can be started as a side hustle.

14. Food Crop Production

In general, farming is the oldest form of making money in Nigeria, and till now, the best way you can make money is with an investment of 300K.

Cultivating corn, groundnut, or cassava farm cost less than 100K per acre. Therefore, with 300K, you can cultivate up to 6 acres of food crops where you could make up to 200% ROI within 3 to 12 months depending on the type of crop you farm.

For example, if you farm corn or groundnut, those crops usually grow to maturity in 90 to 100 days. That means you’ll start getting your profit after 3 months.

To start this business, all you need is farmland, plough it, then plant any crop of your choice, keep managing it, and sit back while for those crops to grow.

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15. Livestock Feed Production

One of the trending businesses anyone can start with 300K in Nigeria is livestock feed production. This business is very profitable as a lot of people now practice livestock production from home.

To start this business, you’ll first need to learn how to make those feeds by enrolling in training for a few weeks. Then, buy all the necessary materials needed and start producing livestock feeds.

To get customers, you just need to print some banners to market your business, and over time people will start knowing your business, and then you can scale.

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Online Businesses to Start with 300K in Nigeria

16. Blogging

If you’re in school and you’re looking for the best online business to start with 300K in Nigeria, then you should try blogging.

This business is easy to start, as all you need is to create a website where you share information and make money. Yes, that’s all.

As a student, you can start a news blog where you can share the latest news about your schools such as admission time, exam time, cut-off marks, and other general news for other students to read.

To start making money, you must apply for Google Adsense or Ezoic which places ads on your blog and pays you. If done properly, you could become a millionaire in your first year of blogging.

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17. Forex Trading

Forex trading

Wants huge and fast money? Then start trading forex as it is the only online business you can start in Nigeria with 300K and become a millionaire within the first 30 days.

Forex trading is an investment type of business where you buy and sell currencies to make money. With a good trading strategy, you could make double your investment in a week.

Learning how to trade is the first step to becoming a profitable forex trader. After that, sign up for a reliable broker such as Exness or ICmarkets, then fund your account and start trading.

19. Mini Importation

Mini importation is unpopular, developing and very lucrative online business to start with 300K in Nigeria right now.

This is a business model where you order items at cheap rates from China via Aliexpress or Alibaba, and have them shipped to Nigeria where you can sell them for a good profit.

Items such as a wristwatch can be bought for N3000 including shipping and clearing fees from China, and sold for N10,000 in Nigeria where you’ll keep a profit of N6000.

If you’ve seen people posting all new shoes, shirts, trousers, and jewelry for sale on their WhatsApp status, chances are, they are doing this business. You can market yours on WhatsApp and other social media platforms too.

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20. Affiliate Marketing

One of the easiest online businesses to start with 300K in Nigeria is affiliate marketing, as you can even start for free.

Affiliate marketing is simply a type of online marketing where you recommend products to people and when they make a purchase, you’ll get paid a commission.

To start this business, all you need to do is find a good affiliate program, sign up, get your referral link, then promote your link via online ads and start making money as people convert.

21. Web Design

Getting a web design skill is a high income skill that could make you money with an investment of 300K or less in Nigeria.

Web design involves building, designing and fixing websites for individuals, businesses, organisations, and even the government.

To make money with this business, all you just need to do is create your portfolio online first, then find small businesses that can scale via an online platform, show them your past work to make them want to work with you, and then offer your service and get paid.

As a web designer, your skill is very much in demand. As a result, you can charge a premium fee for your services. This could even serve as a full-time job, provided you have a large number of high-paying clients, who pay well and even refer you to others.

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300K Business Ideas – FAQs

What business can one start with 300 000 naira in Nigeria?

Businesses one can start with 300,000 naira in Nigeria include POS business, sales of cooking gas, opening a boutique, sales of hair extensions, Real estate business, production and sales of oven-dried fish, blogging, affiliate marketing, etc.

What business can someone do with 300000?

Businesses you can do with 300000 include sales of cooking gas, POS business, real estate business, mini importation, and so on.

What business can I start with 300K in Lagos?

Businesses you can start with 300K in Lagos include real estate business, sales of hair extensions, mini importation business, boutique business, and sales of cosmetics and beauty products.

What business can I start with 300K in Abuja?

Businesses you can start with 300K in Abuja include real estate business, POS business, sales of hair extensions, mini importation business, boutique business, and sales of cosmetics and beauty products.

What business can I start with 300K in Port Harcourt?

Businesses you can start with 300K in Port Harcourt include rental business, POS business, sales of hair extensions, mini importation business, real estate, boutique business, and sales of cosmetics and beauty products.


With a lot of businesses out there, it may be difficult sometimes to pick the best business for you after raising your capital and ready for business.

With this post, I believe you can now go and start any of the businesses listed above for they are all profitable and easy to start regardless of your location, and gender.