19 Businesses You Can Start with 150K in Nigeria Online & Offline

  • October 1, 2023

Looking for awesome answers to the question; What business can I start with 150k in Nigeria? Then you just landed on the right page.

If you are able to raise 150 thousand Naira without much stress, brainstorming the type of business to start with such capital may be more stressful especially if you’re looking for the most profitable business idea.

That is why we’ve curated this article to take out the long thinking stress on what business to start with 150K.

We bring you both offline and online business ideas for a N150,000 start up capital for students, graduates, and even if you’re not educated. So, keep reading to find them out.

Best Businesses to Start with 150K in Nigeria

Lucrative businesses you can start with 150K in Nigeria in 2023 include:

1. POS/E-Payment Business

POS business

The introduction of POS and the rapid growth of many fintech companies in Nigeria come with a new business opportunity which is the POS business.

This business is one of the most popular and easiest businesses you can start with N150,000 in Nigeria to make money, as there is still high demand for POS agents in some areas, despite the popularity.

To start this business, you just need a POS machine which can be acquired for a cautionary fee of less than N30,000 or N70,000+ to keep it permanently. A kiosk or a table and umbrella are a must too for this business.

Once all that is set, fund your account with the remaining money and start completing transactions for people with charges.

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2. Cooking Gas Business

Starting a cooking gas business is another profitable business to start with 150k in Nigeria, as even in villages, people now prefer cooking gas over firewood and charcoal cooking style.

To start this business, all you need is a gas tank/bottle, fill it with gas, get a scale, a dispenser, hose pipe and other necessary materials, and you’re good to go. 

All that should cost less than 150,000 Naira. The remaining money can be used to make a banner to create awareness.

Because cooking gas is a highly inflammable substance, it is advisable you learn more about the gas refilling business before starting. This shouldn’t take more than a week.

3. Mobile Devices Charging Business

The bad electricity in Nigeria has made mobile devices charging a very profitable business that you can start with 150K in Nigeria, and start making back your invested capital right away.

To start this business, you’ll need a small kiosk/shop, a generator, chargers, and socket boards, then you’re good to get started.

Depending on the device, N100 to N200 is usually charged per item fully charged. Therefore if you can charge 30 items consistently every day, you could be generating a revenue of N90,000 to N180,000 monthly. 

After taking out all the fuel costs, maintenance and other expenses, your profit should be sitting around N80,000 to N100,000 at the end of the month.

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4. Phone Accessories Business

Selling phones and other mobile accessories is another lucrative business idea to start with 150K in Nigeria.

With your 150,000 Naira capital, just find a kiosk or a small shop you can start with. Then, look for mobile accessories wholesalers in markets such as Alaba or Ikeja Computer village in Lagos, and NITA market in Abuja to buy varieties of accessories from.

Once you purchase and have those products in variety, you just need to showcase them in your kiosk to start attracting buyers.

5. Pastries & Baking Business

Production and sales of small chops like puff puff, chin chin, plantain chips, and baking cakes for birthday and wedding parties is another awesome business to start with 150K for students especially.

Why it is an ideal business for students is that making those items are very easy, and also cakes sell well in students area due to frequent birthday celebration.

Once you start with friends, coursemates and campus/logdemates, you’ll keep getting orders if your products are tasty, look nice and are affordable.

To start, you’ll need to learn how to make these products by enrolling in training or watching some tutorials on YouTube.

Once you know how to make them, just take your N150,000 and buy all the materials needed, then start with easy ones like chin chin, doughnuts, plantain chips, etc.

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6. Open a Food Stuff Shop

Regardless of your location, foodstuff has been and will continue to be the fastest-selling product in Nigeria that anyone can start with 150,000 Naira or less.

Items such as beverages, Wheat, Semo, Garri, Rice, Spaghetti, and so on, can be sold for good profit at retail prices.

All you just need to do is find a small shop, then located foodstuff wholesalers (they can be found anywhere in Nigeria), buy goods worth N150,000 and sell them at retail prices.

7. Open a Small Cement Shop

If you’re in a newly developing area (site) a very lucrative business you can start with 150,000 Naira is to sell cement.

With 150K, you can look for a little space, then find a cement supplier who you can negotiate to start a business with.

Once your deal is done, you can have your stock transported to your place and start selling. To make this business a quick success, you’ll need a banner and flyers to create awareness.

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8. Real Estate

Of course, N150,000 can’t buy a rental property in Nigeria, but you can still venture into the real estate market with a capital of 150K

If you live in a well populated and expensive area such as Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja, you would know that houses are very costly and also hard to find.

Since 150K can’t buy a whole property, you can get an apartment for 150K and rent it out for 200K or more, keeping a profit of over 50K.

All you just need to do is find a good property that you know you can make a profit from it, get it for yourself and rent it out to another person for profit.

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9. Jewelry Business

Jewelry business

Selling jewelry such as necklaces, wrist watches, earrings, rings, and bangles is another easy and profitable business anyone can start with 150K in Nigeria.

To start this business, you’ll need to find a wholesaler from whom you can buy those jewelry and resell them at retail prices for a good profit.

For example, if you buy a wristwatch worth N15,000 at a wholesale price, you can sell it for N20,000 at a retail price, making a profit of N5,000.

You can find jewelry wholesalers at big markets in Kano, Lagos, and Aba. Alternatively, you can order those jewelry from China and have them shipped to Nigeria (This method is well explained below in the mini-importation section).

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10. Selling Clothes

Clothing business

Similar to jewelry business, selling clothes is another lucrative business you can start with 150,000 in Nigeria.

This business can be categorised into two. You can sell “English Wears” as most Nigerians call it, or native clothing materials like Ankara, Lace, and so on.

This business is best for those that live in or close to places like Aba, Ibadan, Kano, and Lagos because these are where you can easily find wholesalers of any type of clothing materials at the cheapest prices.

11. Open a Gaming Shop

During one Asuu strike, a friend of mine decided to start a gaming shop business, and guess what? It was very profitable.

All that is required to get started is a small shop, a generator, a widescreen TV (second hand), a PS and/or X-box game player, and pads. All these shouldn’t cost more than N150,000.

Per game played, you can charge N50 a player which is N100 per game. With those charges, you could be making up to N3000 and more daily.

This business works well with the mobile device charging business. Therefore, if you have more budget, you can start both together.

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12. Laundry Business

Are you asking; what kind of business can I start with 150K at home in Nigeria? Why not try rendering a laundry service?

The laundry business model is currently the trend among youths as people especially people including bankers, CEOs, doctors and so on are willing to pay N1500 per cloth just to have them washed, and ironed.

Starting this business does not necessarily need you to have a shop, as banners, flyers and online advertisements only can get you, clients.

All you just need is a washing machine, a pressing iron, and all other necessary laundry materials.

13. Small Scale Poultry Business

Looking for an agricultural business to start with a capital of 150,000 Naira? You can give poultry farming a trial.

To start this business, you must make sure you have a free space where you live to build a shelter for the birds. Once that is ensured, find a place to buy 1 to 3 days old chicks (broilers). If you will like the egg business, layers should be the type of birds to buy.

With proper management, your birds should be mature and ready to sell within two to three months.

14. Snail Farming

Snail farming is another awesome agricultural/livestock business you can start with N150,000 or less in Nigeria, in your backyard if you have a space.

All you need is to find and buy small hybrid African giant snails, build them a shelter in a cold place with shades, then buy their feeds, and start rearing them.

Unlike poultry farming, snail farming may take a year before you start making money. However, the profit is more than in poultry farming, and the stress is way lesser than in poultry farming.

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Online Businesses You can Start with 150K in Nigeria

15. Blogging

Blogging is one of the easiest and most profitable online businesses to start with 150K in Nigeria for students, graduates and anybody who can read and write.

A blog is simply an online business where you create a website with the aim of creating informational content with others and earning money.

All you need to get started is to pick a niche, buy a domain name, create your website, and start publishing articles such as how to(s), easy tutorials, news, etc.

Ad networks such as Ezoic and Adsense are the fastest way to start making money in Nigeria as a blogger. Affiliate marketing is also a great way to make money from your blog.

16. Mini Importation

Mini importation is another profitable online business you can start with 150,000 Naira in Nigeria.

This business model deals with ordering products such as shoes, phone cases, jewelry, clothes, etc, from China via Alibaba, or Aliexpress and having them shipped to Nigeria where you can collect and resell them for profit.

This is a trending business among the youths (both male and female), because it of its profit margin. For example, you can buy a phone case for N150 from Aliexpress, and when it arrives in Nigeria, it could be sold for N1500.

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17. Forex Trading

Now in Nigeria, forex trading is becoming a very popular way of making cool money online from the comfort of your room.

With N150,000, you can invest and start making a daily profit as a trader. Experts in this business could turn 150K into 300K in just a day or two.

If it’s your first time hearing about it, forex trading is simply a business model where you buy and sell currencies to make a profit.

All you just need is to learn how to trade forex, get a smartphone and/or laptop, sign up for a reliable broker such as Exness, and ICmarkets, fund your account and start trading to make money.

Keep in mind that forex is the riskiest business model of all businesses listed in this article. You may lose all your money within a day. Therefore, you need to learn before starting.

18. Graphic Designing

Another easy business you can start from home with 150K in Nigeria is graphic designing.

Go to YouTube, learn how to design logos, banners, social media posts, flyers, and so on, then register on websites such as Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork and PeoplePerHour and start making money by making designs for people.

To make this business a success, you need a little investment to run ads on other websites just like Nairarush, so as to quickly get sales. This is because those freelance websites are very competitive, and you may not get a client for months if you’re new.

19. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular online business ideas. This business is very easy to start as all you need is to recommend products to people and earn a commission once they convert.

To start this business, you’ll need to find a good affiliate program, sign up, get your affiliate link, and then promote it through online advertisement using your N150,000 capital.

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150K Business Ideas – FAQs

What kind of business can you start with 150k?

The kind of business you can start with 150K in Nigeria includes sales of cooking gas, sales of foodstuff, sales of phone accessories, POS business, blogging, real estate, affiliate marketing, mini importation, etc.

What business can I start with 150K as a student?

Businesses you can start with 150K as a student include baking business, sales of jewelry, blogging, affiliate marketing and freelancing.

What business can I start with 150K in Lagos?

In Lagos, businesses you can start with 150K include laundry business, POS business, sales of jewelry, opening a gaming shop, and real estate business.

What business can I start with 150K in Abuja?

Businesses you can start with 150K in Abuja include laundry business, POS business, sales of jewelries, opening a gaming shop, sales of native clothes, and real estate business.

What business can I start with 150K in Port Harcourt?

Businesses you can start with 150K in Port Harcourt include cement business, POS business, sales of jewelry, opening a gaming shop, sales of native clothing, and snail farming.

Where can I invest 150K in Nigeria?

You can invest 150K in forex in Nigeria and make a huge profit if done right.


While raising 150 thousand Naira capital may be a little bit easy, starting a business with such capital may be difficult especially while looking for the most profitable one.

With this post, I believe you’ve gotten some of the best and most profitable businesses you can start with 150K in Nigeria. All you need to do now is to take the step of starting at least one of the businesses you’ve seen here.