I Lost my Opay Number: How to Change Opay Phone Number in 2024

  • December 13, 2023

How to Change Opay Phone Number: Have you ever felt the sheer panic of misplacing your phone and realizing you’ve potentially lost access to crucial apps like Opay? You’re not alone.

For many Nigerians, understanding how to change their Opay phone number, especially after misplacing it, is essential.

Let’s explore this further.

What is Opay? A Quick Refresher

Opay stands tall as a significant fintech solution in Nigeria, providing a myriad of services like sending and receiving money, purchasing airtime, and settling bills, all with a few taps on your smartphone.

So, when you think, “I lost my Opay number,” you realize the importance of swiftly finding a solution.

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Immediate Steps to Take If You Lose Your Opay Number

Losing your phone or SIM can be distressing. Before diving into how to change your Opay phone number, here’s what you should do:

Contact your service provider

Whether it’s MTN, Airtel, Glo, or 9mobile, they can help you recover or replace your lost SIM.

Secure other accounts

Any account linked to your phone number should be temporarily secured. You never can be too safe.

Act Fast

Every second counts. The faster you act, the safer your digital identity.

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How to Change Opay Phone Number: Step-by-Step Guide

Changing your Opay phone number doesn’t have to be an enigma.

Whether you’re thinking, “I lost my Opay number”, “Can I change my Opay phone number?” or “How to change Opay phone number?”, follow this detailed guide to get you back on track.

1. Access the App

I Lost my Opay Number
  • Ensure your device is connected to the internet.
  • Locate the Opay app on your device. If you’ve misplaced your phone, borrow one and install the app afresh.

2. Sign Up a New Account

  • Get a new SIM, or your other SIM that has not been registered on Opay.
  • Create a new Opay account with that number.
  • Now, log in to your new Opay account.

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3. Navigate to Profile Settings

How to Change Opay Phone Number
  • Once logged in, look for a user icon or your display picture, usually at the top right corner.
  • Tap on it to access your profile settings. This is where the magic happens.

4. Choose the Option to Edit Details

  • Within your profile, you’ll see several details, including your current Opay phone number.
  • There should be an ‘edit’ or ‘pencil’ icon next to your phone number. Click on it.

4. Input Your Accurate Details

  • Once you’re in the editing mode, input your details as it is on your other Opay account.
  • Type in the new number you wish to use, same email address as the one you lost, and also your full name. Ensure it’s accurate to avoid future issues.

5. Get the Required Documents

  1. You will need a sworn a affidavit, and your legal ID card ready.
  2. In the affidavit, you must include every detail about the former account including Full Name, Account (Phone) Number, BVN, Balance on your account, your KYC level, and the reasons why you want to change your Opay number.

5. Upgrade Your New Account

How to Change Opay Phone Number
  • Now back to your new account, navigate to “My Profile” on the app, then find and click on “Upgrade”.
  • Now, enter your BVN, add your ID card, and take a selfie.
  • You might get an OTP while submitting your details.

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6. Confirm Changes

  • Once the OTP has been verified, your phone number will be updated.
  • Review all other details to make sure everything is in order.
  • It’s advisable to log out and then log in again to make sure the changes have been saved.

7. Call the Opay Customer Service

Now, here’s where things get a little harder. You’ll need to reach out to Opay, and tell them that you want to change your number.

However, before that, all the steps above must be completed. This will make the process swift and seamless.

From there, the Opay team will help you handle the rest and get back to you as soon as your number is changed.

Here are where you can reach out to Opay:

  • Phone: 0700 8888328
  • Email: customerservice@opay-inc.com
  • Social: They’re active on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Now, let’s shed more light on the required documents to change your Opay account number.

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Essential Documents You Might Need When Changing Your Opay Phone Number

If you’ve ever thought, “How do I change my Opay number if I lost my phone?” or “What’s needed to change my phone number on Opay?”, then you’ll find this section incredibly useful.

Changing essential details, like your phone number, on financial platforms often requires some documentation for security purposes. Here’s what you might need:

1. Police Report (Optional)

Especially in scenarios where you lost your phone, a police report serves multiple purposes including:

  • It acts as a valid proof that your old number is no longer accessible to you.
  • It emphasizes the importance of security, ensuring no unauthorized person attempts to retrieve your Opay phone number or manipulate your account.
  • It provides clarity on the circumstances leading to the number change, giving Opay a context.

2. Regulatory ID

When pondering, “Can I change my Opay phone number without any hitches?”, having a regulatory ID is your ticket. Here’s why:

  • Opay, like many fintech platforms, values the integrity and security of its users’ accounts. Your ID (like a Driver’s License, National ID, or Passport) will verify your identity against the details they have on file.
  • It ensures that the “how to change Opay account number” process is smooth, transparent, and most importantly, secure.

3. Sworn Affidavit

This might sound a tad formal, but here’s why it’s crucial:

  • It’s a legal document affirming that the details provided in the police report and your Regulatory ID are truthful.
  • It gives weight to your application to change your phone number on Opay, ensuring that the platform recognizes the authenticity of your request.
  • If you’re looking for a surefire way on “how to get another Opay account number” or simply to modify existing details, this document seals the deal.

A Handy Tip: Always ensure your documents are updated and easily accessible. In the digital age, taking clear photos of these documents and saving them in a secure folder in the cloud can be a lifesaver.

This way, if you ever find yourself thinking, “I lost my Opay phone number – How do I retrieve it?” or “How to change my Opay number?”, you’re always one step ahead.

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Common Concerns & Troubleshooting When Changing Your Opay Phone Number

When it comes to changing your phone number on fintech platforms like Opay, it’s normal to have a few concerns or face some hitches along the way.

Let’s tackle some of the most frequent ones:

Can I change my Opay phone number directly through the app?

No, the app doesn’t allow direct number changes. This is for security reasons. Following the mentioned step-by-step guide will lead you through the official process.

I’ve tried to change my Opay account number, but it’s not working. What should I do?

Ensure you’ve followed each step accurately. If the problem persists, it might be a good idea to reach out to Opay’s customer care. They’re there to assist you!

How often can I change my phone number on Opay?

While there’s no strict limit, frequent changes might raise security alerts. Always make sure to provide valid reasons and the necessary documentation if you need to change numbers regularly.

I didn’t lose my phone, but I want to change my number. Is the process different?

The process is the same, but the reasons you’ll provide (and possibly some documentation) might differ. Always be transparent about why you’re making a change.

How long does the process take, and when can I start using my new number on Opay? 

After you’ve followed the steps and submitted any required documents, it can take a few business days for Opay to update your number.

Once done, you’ll receive a confirmation, and you can start using your new number immediately.

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I Lost my Opay Number: Tips to Ensure Account Safety in the Future

Safety first, always:

  • Strong Passwords: Use unique combinations.
  • Backup Info: Have an alternate number or email for recovery.
  • Regular Review: Periodically check your account for any discrepancies.

Reaching Out to Opay’s Customer Care

Got more questions about how to change your Opay account number? Opay’s customer care is available to assist:

  • Phone: 0700 8888328
  • Email: customerservice@opay-inc.com
  • Social: They’re active on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

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Navigating the process of how to change your Opay phone number, especially after losing it, doesn’t have to be tedious.

With this guide, you’re armed with the knowledge to act swiftly and secure your account.

And if you ever find yourself thinking, “How do I get another Opay account number?” remember that your Opay account number is your phone number.

Stay safe, and relish the convenience Opay brings.