How to Buy Airtime from Kuda Bank Fast & Easy

  • December 13, 2023

This post is all about how to buy airtime from Kuda bank account.

The introduction of Kuda into the banking and finance sector in Nigeria has made it very easy for Nigerians to receive, send, withdraw money, pay bills, etc, online.

Buying Airtime too is part of what you can do on the Kuda app, as it is free, fast, and safe.

Therefore, if you want to know how to buy airtime from Kuda, just keep reading as I’ll show you everything you need to know about buying airtime on Kuda.

Without wasting our time, let’s dive straight in.

Buying Airtime on Kuda

Kuda is a microfinance bank that is fully licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria. The bank operates online, which means all transactions including airtime purchases can only be done online on Kuda.

Therefore, you don’t need to visit their physical branch to carry out any transactions, as they don’t have one.

Unlike buying airtime from Opay where you earn cash back as a reward, buying airtime from Kuda is just like buying airtime from a normal commercial bank. 

That is buying airtime from your bank account where you won’t earn any reward whatsoever. Although the difference between buying airtime from Kuda and buying it from your bank is that, you may be charged VAT or service fee when you purchase airtime from a normal bank account.

The good news is that on Kuda, you won’t be charged a dime for purchasing airtime, as every transaction is free on Kuda, and that is why it is branded “The Bank of The Free”.

Now that you know how Kuda airtime purchase works, let’s see how to buy airtime from Kuda now.

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How to Buy Airtime from Kuda

To buy airtime from Kuda, you must first log into your Kuda bank account on your phone and make sure that you have a sufficient account balance.

After that, click on “Payments”, click on the “Airtime” option, enter the amount of airtime you want to buy, select your network provider, enter the phone number to recharge, and click “Next”. Finally, enter your Kuda bank pin to make payment for the airtime purchase.

Once that is done, your Kuda bank account will be charged and the amount charged will be credited into your line main balance.

If the above process is not clear enough, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy airtime from Kuda bank.

  • Open the Kuda bank app and log in to your account.
  • Check and confirm that your balance is not less than the amount of airtime you want to buy.
  • Check the bottom of your screen. You will see some options which include Home, Payments, Budget, Cards, & More.
  • Now, click “Payments” from the list of the options.
  • You will automatically be redirected to another page. Now, click on the “Buy Airtime” option.
  • Now, enter the airtime amount you want to buy.
  • Select the network provider for the phone number you want to recharge.
  • Enter the phone number you want to recharge.
  • Then, click “next” which is at the bottom of the page.
  • Finally, reconfirm the details of the transaction and enter your Kuda bank transaction pin to authorize the airtime purchase transaction.

Once that is done correctly, the number or line you recharged will be credited instantly.

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Kuda Airtime – FAQs

Can I buy airtime on Kuda app?

Yes, since Kuda is just like a regular commercial bank mobile app, you can buy airtime on the Kuda app.

How do I buy airtime from Kuda?

To buy airtime from Kuda, all you need to do is just log into your account, click on “Payment” click on “Buy Airtime”, fill in the required information appropriately, then enter your pin to purchase airtime.

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How much does Kuda charge for airtime purchase?

As its name implies “Bank of The Free”, Kuda doesn’t charge any fee for transactions. That simply means no fee will be charged for airtime purchase on Kuda.

How to buy airtime from Kuda using USSD code?

Kuda currently doesn’t have a USSD code for transactions, so you cannot buy airtime on Kuda using USSD code at the moment.

How long does Kuda bank airtime recharge takes?

Instantly. After completing the process to buy the airtime, the line you recharged will be credited instantly.


Since Kuda bank is a microfinance bank that operates online, buying airtime from the app is faster, easier, and safer than buying it from retailers.

We believe with this simple guide on how to buy airtime from Kuda, you should now know how to recharge your line (MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile) using Kuda app.