ALAT Virtual Dollar Card 2024: How to Get One | Rate | Activation

  • December 13, 2023

If you’ve ever found yourself scratching your head over foreign transactions, or you’re just interested in the new digital wave, the alat virtual dollar card might be just what you’re looking for.

ALAT by Wema has brought a fascinating concept to the Nigerian market that makes international shopping and financial dealings a breeze.

Curious about what that is? Let’s dive into everything you need to know about this game-changer!

From What alat dollar virtual card is to how to get one, and also the rates, we’ll real everything you need to know in this post.

So, without further ado, let’s dive straight in!

Table of Contents

ALAT Virtual Dollar Card: Overview

ALAT virtual dollar card

The ALAT virtual dollar card, part of the ALAT by Wema suite, is a digital financial tool that enables seamless online and international transactions.

But what exactly is it, and why should you consider using it?

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What is ALAT Virtual Dollar Card?

The ALAT virtual dollar card is a digital, non-physical card designed to facilitate online shopping, payments, and money transfers in foreign currencies, mainly USD.

Unlike a traditional plastic card, it’s entirely virtual, making it a secure and convenient option.

Key Attributes of the ALAT By Wema Virtual Card

  • Currency Support: Primarily used for transactions in dollars, it also supports other foreign currencies.
  • Accessibility: Available to ALAT by Wema account holders, and easy to create through the ALAT app.
  • Security: Enhanced security features make it a safer option for online spending.
  • Flexibility: Suitable for various international online platforms, including AliExpress.
  • Exchange Rate: Offers competitive alat virtual dollar card exchange rates, aligning with market standards.

Who Should Use the Virtual Dollar Card By ALAT?

Whether you’re an online shopper, a traveler, or someone who needs to make international transactions, the virtual dollar card by ALAT is designed to meet a variety of needs.

Its digital nature, security, and flexibility make it an attractive option for all Nigerians, especially the tech guys.

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Requirements for Getting ALAT Virtual Dollar Card

What are the requirements for how to get ALAT virtual dollar card? Here’s what you need to have at hand:

  • ALAT Account: You’ll need an active account with ALAT by Wema.
  • Personal Details: These include your name, address, and other basic info.
  • BVN & Bank Statement: These are necessary to verify your identity.

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How to Get ALAT Virtual Dollar Card: Step-by-Step Guide

ALAT virtual card

So, you’re wondering how to create ALAT virtual card? Look no further! We’ve got the process laid out in a simple and friendly manner:

1. Log into Your ALAT Account

Start by logging into your ALAT by Wema account. If you don’t have one, sign up. It’s quick and easy!

2. Navigate to “Cards”

Once logged in, find the “Cards” section. This is where the magic begins.

3. Select ALAT by Wema Virtual Card Request

Click on the option for ALAT by Wema virtual dollar card, and you’ll be taken to a new page.

4. Choose the Card Type

Decide on the virtual card for ALAT by Wema that suits your needs best. There is the ALAT virtual naira card, as well as the dollar or USD ALAT virtual card.

5. Enter Personal Details

Provide your personal details. This includes your BVN and other essential information.

6. Review and Confirm

Review all your details, and if everything looks good, confirm your ALAT virtual dollar card activation.

Within moments, you’ll receive a confirmation, and your card will be ready for use. It’s that simple!

Processing Time, Costs, and Alat Virtual Dollar Card Limit

You might be eager to know about the alat virtual card limit or if there’s a waiting time for how to activate ALAT virtual dollar card:

Processing Time

Once you’ve completed the ALAT virtual dollar card activation, it’s almost instantaneous! You won’t have to wait for days or even hours.


Is ALAT virtual dollar card free? While it’s not entirely free, the cost is minimal, and considering the benefits, it’s well worth it.

Card Limit

The alat virtual dollar card limit is flexible and designed to cater to various needs. You can choose the one that fits your lifestyle best. However, $20,000 is the maximum amount you can have on your card.

Benefits of ALAT Virtual Dollar Card

Online Shopping Ease

How can I use my ALAT virtual card? It’s as easy as using any regular card online. And yes, it works on platforms like AliExpress and more!

International Travel Conveniences

From booking flights to shopping abroad, the alat card rate makes it an economical option. No need to worry about converting your Naira!

Comparisons with Physical Cards

How does ALAT virtual card work compared to a physical one? It’s just as efficient, but with the added benefit of always being in your phone, so no chance of losing it!

Special Benefits for Nigerian Users

The ALAT by Wema virtual dollar card is tailored for Nigerians, considering the exchange rates and local preferences.

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ALAT Virtual Card: Interest Rates, Fees, and Charges

Interest Rates

With the alat dollar card, interest rates are transparent and competitive. Depending on the usage, the rates can vary but are typically within an acceptable range for most users.

Various Fees for Maintaining the Card

Is ALAT virtual dollar card free? Though not entirely free, the associated costs are nominal. These may include:

  • Monthly Maintenance: A minor charge to keep the card active.
  • Transaction Fees: Depending on the transaction type, there might be minimal costs involved.

Conversion Rates and Other Hidden Charges

Worried about hidden fees or the alat virtual dollar card exchange rate? Fear not! The conversion rates are competitive, and there are no hidden charges to surprise you.

ALAT Virtual Dollar Card Exchange Rate

When it comes to online transactions, especially for Nigerians like me, the exchange rate can be a significant factor.

Whether you’re shopping on international platforms or transferring money abroad, you need an understanding of the ALAT virtual dollar card exchange rate. Let’s explore this in detail.

What is the ALAT Virtual Dollar Card Exchange Rate?

The ALAT virtual dollar card exchange rate refers to the rate at which you can exchange the Nigerian Naira (₦) for US Dollars (USD) using the ALAT virtual card. It’s a crucial element that can impact the overall cost of international transactions.

This rate usually correlates almost with the forex dollar to naira rate. Therefore, the ALAT dollar exchange rate may range from ₦600 to ₦900 per $.

How Is It Determined?

The exchange rate for the alat virtual dollar card is determined by several factors:

  • Market Rates: ALAT follows the dollar to naira market rates, aligning closely with global financial markets.
  • Transaction Type: Depending on what you are doing with your card, there may be slight variations in the rate.
  • Timing: Exchange rates fluctuate, so the time of your transaction can affect the rate.

How to View the Current ALAT Virtual Dollar Card Rate

Wondering how to view the current alat dollar card rate? You can easily check this in the ALAT app.

The app provides up-to-date information, ensuring you always know the rate before making a transaction.

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How to Use ALAT Virtual Dollar Card

How to Fund

Wondering how to use your ALAT virtual card? Funding it is a breeze.

Simply transfer money from your ALAT account or another bank, and you’re ready to spend.

Where and How to Spend

How does ALAT virtual card work for spending? Use it like any other card online.

And yes, alat virtual dollar card works on AliExpress, Amazon, and various other international platforms.

Managing the Card through the ALAT App

How to view my ALAT dollar virtual card or manage it? With the ALAT app, everything is at your fingertips.

Check balances, see transactions, or even retrieve ALAT virtual card details.

Common Problems and Solutions

Alat Virtual Dollar Card Not Working?

It’s rare, but if you find your alat virtual dollar card not working, ALAT’s support is just a call away.

How to Retrieve ALAT Virtual Card Details

Lost your card details? Retrieving your ALAT virtual card information is quick and secure through the ALAT app.

Customer Service and Support

Still have questions like “how can I use my ALAT virtual card” or need help with something else? ALAT’s customer support is top-notch and ready to assist.

ALAT Virtual Dollar Card vs Competitors

Comparisons with Other Virtual Cards

When compared to other virtual cards available in Nigeria, ALAT stands out with its features and customer support.

From the alat virtual dollar card exchange rate to its compatibility with platforms like AliExpress, it’s a winning choice.

Highlight Key Differentiators

ALAT’s virtual dollar card offers unique benefits, such as instant creation, a friendly app interface, competitive rates, and flexible card limits.

User Reviews and Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it! Many users have found ALAT’s virtual card incredibly convenient and efficient. Their testimonials speak volumes.

ALAT By Wema Virtual Dollar Card – FAQs

Can I use Alat virtual naira card for international transactions?

No, the Alat virtual naira card is designed for domestic use in Nigeria only.

Can I fund my Alat virtual dollar card with naira?

Yes, you can fund your Alat virtual dollar card with naira using your ALAT by Wema account.

What can I use my Alat dollar card for?

You can use your Alat dollar card for online shopping, subscriptions, and international payments.

Does alat virtual dollar card work on AliExpress?

Yes, the Alat virtual dollar card works on AliExpress and other international online platforms.

What is ALAT Virtual dollar card daily limit?

ALAT Virtual dollar card daily limit varies; however, generally, you can only have a maximum of $20,000 on your card.

Is alat virtual dollar card still working?

Yes, the ALAT virtual dollar card is active and working for online purchases and international transactions.


From understanding how to activate ALAT virtual dollar card to knowing the alat virtual dollar card limit and everything in between, we’ve covered it all.

The ALAT virtual dollar card is more than just a trend; it’s a financial tool tailored to the digital age, especially for our Nigerian readers.

Whether you want to shop on international platforms like AliExpress, need an efficient exchange rate, or simply want a secure and handy tool for your online transactions, the ALAT virtual dollar card is worth considering.

Ready to jump on the digital finance wave? Share your thoughts, experiences, or ask questions in the comments below. Let’s embrace the future, one virtual card at a time!