Zenith Bank Virtual Card: How to Get One, Fees, Activation & Requirements 2024

  • December 13, 2023

Zenith Bank Virtual Card: Ever wondered how to enjoy the convenience of digital payments without using a physical card?

Welcome to the world of Zenith Bank’s virtual cards! Zenith Bank is at the forefront of digital innovation in Nigeria, and their virtual card offering is making waves.

But what exactly is a Zenith Bank virtual card, and how can you get one?

In this comprehensive guide, we at Nairarush have put together everything you need to know, from activation and request to limits and usability.

So, without a waste of time, let’s get started!

What are Virtual Cards?

Virtual cards are digital versions of physical debit or credit cards. With the Zenith virtual card, you can make payments online just like with your regular card, but with enhanced security features.

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How Does Zenith Bank Virtual Card Work?

Zenith Bank Virtual Card

Powered by Visa technology, the Zenith Virtual Card works just like a regular Visa debit or credit card.

You can register for the card through the Zenith Bank online banking account or mobile app. It’s as simple as knowing how to create a Zenith Bank Virtual Card through a few easy steps.

And the best part? There are no transaction fees for purchases made up to the daily limit.

Importance of Virtual Cards in Zenith Bank’s Offering

Zenith Bank’s virtual card offering is a testament to their commitment to providing innovative financial solutions.

These virtual cards are designed to offer seamless online transactions, whether it’s for shopping or paying bills.

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Zenith Bank Virtual Card Features & Benefits

The Zenith Bank virtual card is designed with the modern user in mind. It’s easy to use, secure, and accessible to all Zenith Bank account holders.

With a Zenith Bank virtual card, you can shop online, pay for services, and even use it for international transactions. Here’s why it’s the go-to card for many:


Zenith Bank virtual card details are encrypted, providing extra security for online transactions.


Forget carrying physical cards; your Zenith Bank virtual card is available right on your mobile device.

No extra cost

Yes, you read that right! Getting a Zenith Bank virtual card is free for all account holders. That means no extra charges on use. However, you may be charged a nominal fee on aquisition.

Requirements for Zenith Bank Virtual Card Request

Before you start the Zenith Bank Virtual Card request process, make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • Have an active Zenith Bank account
  • Registered for the Zenith Bank USSD code
  • Enrolled in Zenith Bank internet banking
  • Valid BVN is also required

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How to Get Zenith Bank Virtual Card: A Step-by-Step Guide

Getting your hands on a Zenith Bank virtual card is an easy process, tailored to provide convenience for both new and existing customers. Here’s a step-by-step guide that covers everything you need to know:

1. Dial the Zenith Bank Virtual Card USSD Code

First things first, grab your mobile phone and dial the Zenith Bank virtual card USSD code *966*2273#. This code is your gateway to starting the Zenith Bank virtual card request.

2. Follow the Onscreen Prompts to Create Your Virtual Card

Your screen will display a menu with options. Here, you’ll be guided step by step on how to get your Zenith Bank Virtual Card. Just follow the onscreen instructions – it’s as easy as pie!

3. Retrieve Your Primary Account Number (PAN), Card Verification Value (CVV), and Card Expiry Date

Next, you’ll want to keep your Zenith Bank virtual card details handy. By dialing *966*2273# again and selecting option “2”, you’ll be able to retrieve these essential details.

That’s the simple offline process. However, if you prefer getting your Virtual card from Zenith Bank online, you can proceed starting from the next step.

4. Request Virtual Card Online (Optional)

For those who prefer online banking, you can also follow the “Request virtual card” link on the Zenith Bank website.

Enter your BVN and date of birth, then validate to complete your application. It’s a seamless process that many tech-savvy folks prefer.

5. Create Your Zenith Bank Virtual Card PIN

Last but not least, you’ll need a Zenith Bank virtual card PIN for secure transactions. Dial *966*2273#, select option “3”, and follow the onscreen instructions to create your Virtual card PIN.

By following these simple steps, you’re not just getting a virtual card; you’re unlocking a world of convenience, flexibility, and security with Zenith Bank.

If you ever have questions like “how can I use my zenith bank virtual card” or “how does Zenith Bank virtual card work,” let’s move on with the journey.

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How to Use Your Zenith Bank Virtual Card

Zenith Bank Virtual Card

Now that you know “how to get Zenith Bank virtual card,” you can use it for various online transactions, just like any physical card.

Whether you have the Zenith Bank virtual naira card or the Zenith Bank virtual dollar card, the usage is remarkably straightforward:

Online Shopping

Use the Zenith Virtual Card for online shopping, and select “Visa” when asked which payment method you want to use.

Bills and Subscriptions

Pay for various bills and subscriptions, such as Netflix or utilities, with ease.

In-store Payments

Though primarily designed for online use, the virtual card can also be used at point-of-sale locations.

How to Retrieve Zenith Bank Virtual Card Details

If you need to view your Zenith Virtual Card details, simply dial the Zenith Bank Virtual Card USSD code (*966*2273#) and follow the onscreen prompts.

You can retrieve information like your Primary Account Number (PAN), Card Verification Value (CVV), and the card’s expiry date.

How Zenith Bank virtual Card Differs from Other Virtual Cards

In a market flooded with various virtual card offerings, Zenith Bank’s virtual card stands out for several unique features and advantages. Here’s what sets it apart:

Integrated Security Measures

Zenith Bank’s virtual card comes with multi-layered security protocols, including one-time passwords (OTP) and transaction encryption.

While other cards may offer some security features, Zenith Bank goes a step further to ensure your information stays protected.

Versatility in Usage

The Zenith Bank virtual card is usable for both local and international transactions.

Unlike some virtual cards that may restrict international usage or come with hefty fees, the Zenith virtual card allows for flexible transactions without any hidden costs.

Easy Access and Management

With Zenith Bank’s virtual card, managing your card is as simple as logging into the bank’s mobile app or online banking portal.

Some virtual cards may require a separate app or platform, but with Zenith, everything is integrated into your existing banking profile.

Dedicated Customer Support

Zenith Bank offers dedicated customer support for its virtual card users.

While many banks may treat virtual and physical cards the same in terms of support, Zenith ensures specialized care for virtual cardholders through their support channels, ensuring any inquiries or issues are promptly handled.

Compatibility with Zenith Bank Services

The Zenith Bank virtual card is seamlessly integrated with other Zenith Bank services.

This integration allows for streamlined banking, easy transfers between accounts, and a unified view of your financial activities.

Other virtual cards might lack this deep integration with their corresponding banking services.

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Zenith Bank Virtual Card Limit: Know What You Can Spend

Understanding your “zenith bank virtual card limit” is essential for managing your online spending effectively. Zenith Bank provides different card limits based on the card type and customer preferences.

You can always check and modify these limits through the Zenith Bank internet banking portal or mobile app.

It ensures that you never spend beyond your means while enjoying the flexibility of online payments.

Is Zenith Virtual Card Free? Understanding Fees and Charges

Many readers ask, “is zenith virtual card free?” While obtaining the card itself might be free, there could be associated fees and charges depending on your usage and the card type.

It’s advisable to review the fee structure for the specific “zenith virtual card” you’re interested in.

Always refer to the official Zenith Bank website or consult with customer service for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Zenith Bank Virtual Card Security: Peace of Mind Guaranteed

Security is paramount when dealing with online banking and virtual cards. Zenith Bank has implemented robust security measures, including encryption and multi-factor authentication, to ensure that your virtual card transactions are safe and secure.

If you ever lose access to your card details, the “how to retrieve zenith bank virtual card details” option is readily available through secure channels.

Zenith Virtual Card – FAQs

To wrap up this comprehensive guide, let’s address some of the common questions related to the Zenith Bank Virtual Card.

Is Zenith Virtual Card Free?

No, the Zenith Virtual Card comes with a nominal cost of N500, and it’s specifically designed for web transactions.

How to View My Zenith Virtual Card?

You can view your Zenith Virtual Card details by dialing the USSD code 9662273# and following the prompts.

Virtual Card for Zenith Bank – Is It Right for Me?

If you are seeking a convenient, secure, and flexible payment method for both local and international transactions, the Zenith Bank Virtual Card may be the perfect solution for you.


The “zenith bank virtual card” offers an efficient and secure way to manage online payments. Whether you’re shopping online, paying bills, or managing subscriptions, this virtual card ensures a smooth experience.

With features like easy activation, customizable spending limits, and top-notch security, it’s clear why many Nigerians are turning to Zenith Bank for their virtual card needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore the convenience of the “zenith bank virtual card” today, and join the revolution in online banking!