10 Legit Sites that Pay for Reading News in Nigeria 2024

  • October 2, 2023

Making money online reading news seems unreal, as it’s just like printing money doing nothing on the internet. But there are some sites that pay you just for this.

A lot of people have been wanting to make money online, but what keeps them stuck is either they don’t have money to start an online business or don’t meet the requirements to earn from some platforms. Perhaps other reasons may be, unsupported payout methods, and not enough time.

However, making money online doesn’t have to be difficult and stressful. Nairarush has come up with 10 of the best sites that pay for reading news in Nigeria.

Most of the sites we will be revealing to you pay up to ₦10 for visiting a site and reading news. You can read as much news as possible. Not only that, but they also allow you to withdraw your money easily into your bank account.

So, if you want to get paid to read news in Nigeria, let’s go!

How Paid News Sites Work

First things first, to comprehend the full potential of these sites, you need to understand how they operate. Essentially, these websites generate revenue from advertisements and traffic driven by users like you.

They then share a portion of this revenue with you when you read news, click on ads, refer others, or engage in other activities on their platform.

So, if you’re in search of daily read news and earn money sites in Nigeria, then let’s take a look at them one after the other.

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Sites that Pay for Reading News in Nigeria 2023

1. NewsNaira

As the name suggests, NewsNaira is a reliable website that rewards its users in Naira for reading news. The website has been around for long, and it offers other reward programs.

You can also earn money on NewsNaira by commenting on posts, writing and publishing articles, sharing posts, and even logging in daily.

This website is common among Nigerian students, as it pays real money. However, a membership subscription fee is required to access the full benefits of the site. 

Despite that, it pays off. The more you engage with the site, the more money you’ll make. You can get paid up to ₦10 for reading just one news post. Imagine reading tens if not hundreds per day.

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2. ScoopersNews

Sites that pay for reading news

Scoopersnews is a free app that pays for reading news in Nigeria. You can earn up to 5 points reading news from top publishing sites like BBC, CNN, and so on.

Although the reward isn’t as juicy as NewsNaira, you can earn free money daily. The more articles you read the more points you’ll earn.

2000 points are worth about ₦500, if you have free time, you can earn this within a week. You can also earn more and faster by inviting friends. Once you reach the minimum withdrawal, you can redeem your money for cash.

3. Trend Flow

Trend flow is a Nigerian site that lets you perform simple tasks such as reading news, commenting on articles, talking in forums, and performing online tasks (Following, liking, and viewing on Facebook, and Instagram), and so on to earn money online.

According to the website, about hundreds of thousands of naira, or more are usually withdrawn by users overall every month. With just your phone, you can register on the site and start making free money.

Once you reach the minimum withdrawable amount, you can request and get your earnings paid directly into your bank account.

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4. BuzzBreak

News sites that pay

Just like scoopernews, BuzzBreak is a popular app in Nigeria that gives updates on the latest news around the world. The difference from other news sites is that BuzzBreak rewards you for reading news on its platform.

On this website, you’re not just reading any type of news, but breaking news from top magazines like the New York Times, Forbes, Al Jazeera, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and other credible news publishing sites in Nigeria.

Once you sign up and log in to this platform, you’ll get free daily rewards. You can also earn more by playing games, watching videos, and inviting friends. BuzzBreak rewards you with points.

The minimum withdrawable from this site is $5 (about ₦2500), and you can request your earnings via PayPal when you reach there.

5. TopNews

Topnews is another reliable site that pays for reading news in Nigeria. It is a Nigerian-based site that rewards you in Naira for every news you read.

Topnews features a lot of top Nigerian publishing media that produce interesting news. You can register on this platform with your phone and start earning free money. You can also make more money by inviting friends.

More so, you will get a welcome bonus when you register. You also get paid for writing and publishing posts on their platform, sharing posts on Facebook, and even commenting.

You can earn up to 500 naira daily on this platform, and you can withdraw your earnings when you reach ₦3000.

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6. SavvyConnect

If you’re internet savvy and looking to get paid online for reading news in Nigeria, SavvyConnect could just be what you need. This website pays you for your data while surfing the web.

They source trends from online search, shopping, entertainment, and other applications, and pay you for viewing them all. Also, you get rewarded up to $5 for keeping their app on your phone every month.

7. InstaNaira

InstaNaira is one of the most popular apps that pay for reading news in Nigeria. As the name suggests, you can get rewarded with naira instantly for reading news and also completing simple paid tasks.

For every article read on InstaNaira, you earn 1 coin, for logging in daily, you earn 20 coins, and also get 2 coins for watching videos.

There’s no limit to the amount of money you could earn on this platform. The more tasks completed, the more money you earn. You can request your earnings when you reach 2000 coins.

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8. SwagBucks

Swagbucks is a popular Survey app that pays you for doing all sorts of easy everyday activities online. From visiting sites and reading articles to watching videos and even playing games you get rewarded for about anything on Swagbucks.

This website rewards you in SB. You get free SB fit signing up, and also when you invite a friend you get rewarded too. The minimum withdrawal from Swagbucks is $1, you can get this via Gift Cards, or PayPal.

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9. Ysense

Just like swagbucks, also known as Clixsense, Ysense pays you for visiting websites. This platform also offers a wide range of reward programs which you can earn from.

You get paid for surfing the web, watching videos, filling out surveys, downloading and playing games, and completing easy micro-jobs on Clixsense. The more tasks completed the more money you’ll earn.

You can request your earnings when you reach the minimum withdrawable amount. This can be done via Gift Cards and PayPal.

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10. FreeCash

If you want to earn free PayPal money reading news online, FreeCash is a good website to try. On this site, you can get paid up to $5 for doing all sorts of everyday activities such as playing games, filling out surveys, watching videos, and so on.

The more tasks you complete on this platform, the more money you’ll earn. This website is fairly new, but reliable, as it claims to have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to users.

News Sites that Pay – FAQs

How can I read and get paid with free registration in Nigeria?

You can register for free, read news, and get paid on websites like InstaNaira, ScooperNews, BuzzBreak, FreeCash, Trend Flow, and Swagbucks

How to read news and get paid to your bank account?

You can read news and get paid to your bank account on websites such as InstaNaira, NewsNaira, SavvyConnect, and ScooperNews.

How to read news and get paid in dollars?

You can read news and get paid in dollars on websites such as Swagbucks, BuzzBreak, FreeCash, and Ysense. 

What is the best make money reading news and daily login sites?

Some of the best make money reading news and daily login sites in Nigeria include BuzzBreak, ScooperNews, InstaNaira, Top News, and NewsNaira.


Earning money online reading news is one of the best ways to boost your bank account by doing simple tasks in your free time. Whether you’re a student, or a stay-at-home mom, looking for the best sites that pay for reading news in Nigeria, these 10 revealed to you in this post are some of the best to try out.

The more get paid to read news sites you join, the more money you’ll earn. So, try and sign up for possibly all of them to increase your earnings.