20 Realistic Ways to Make 500 Naira Daily in Nigeria 2024 [Online & Offline]

  • October 2, 2023

Are you tired of your wallet constantly feeling light? Is your mind always churning over how to make 500 naira daily in Nigeria?

Well, look no further. In today’s world where the digital realm offers a multitude of opportunities, making 500 online daily in Nigeria is not just a dream. It’s possible, even without significant initial investment.

This guide aims to offer you a detailed rundown of 20 unique ways to earn a daily income, especially crafted for you – the hardworking Nigerian. By following these methods, you can earn 500 naira a day or even more.

Whether you are looking for how to make 500 Naira daily as a student in Nigeria, or someone trying to earn a secondary income, this guide will provide practical solutions.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Making 500 Naira Daily in Nigeria

First things first. Let’s set your financial goals straight. Imagine, an extra 500 naira daily equates to 15,000 naira monthly. That’s a significant sum!

You can save it, reinvest it, or treat yourself to something special. Your goals will guide you on how to make 500 daily in Nigeria without investment or with a small one, depending on the method you choose.

Now, let’s take a look at the methods of making a daily income of at least N500 in Nigeria.

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20 Ways to Make 500 Naira Daily in Nigeria

1. Online Freelancing

Make 500 Naira Daily

The world is a global village, and the internet has opened a floodgate of opportunities for making money. Online freelancing stands out as a viable online business to make 500 daily.

Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr offer a plethora of jobs. From writing and data entry to coding and graphic design, there’s something for everyone. With dedication and consistency, making 500 naira daily in Nigeria is feasible.

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2. Tutoring

Education is an integral part of our society. Parents want their children to excel, and are willing to pay for additional tutoring to help them.

As a tutor, you can easily make 500 naira in a day in Nigeria. Both online and in-person tutoring jobs are available. You can use platforms like Tuteria or PrepClass to find students.

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3. Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

Do you have a knack for writing? Can you engage readers with your unique voice? If yes, consider starting a blog.

Once you’ve garnered enough traffic, you can join affiliate marketing programs like Jumia’s affiliate program. By recommending their products on your blog and making successful sales, you can start making 500 online daily in Nigeria.

4. E-commerce and Dropshipping

E-commerce has revolutionized how business is done. You can leverage platforms like Jumia and Konga to sell products.

Better still, you can start a dropshipping business – where you sell products directly from the manufacturer to the customer. This is a solid daily income business to make 500 in Nigeria.

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5. Social Media Management

Make 500 Naira Daily

Businesses are realizing the power of social media, and many are willing to pay experts to manage their social media accounts. If you know how to create engaging content and grow followers, you can easily earn 500 naira daily in Nigeria as a social media manager.

6. Content Creation on YouTube

YouTube is not just for entertainment. It’s a platform where you can make money by creating engaging content. Once you’ve hit 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours, you can monetize your channel through ads, sponsorships, and merchandise sales.

7. Micro Jobs and Paid Surveys

Completing micro jobs or paid surveys is another way of how to make 500 naira daily in Nigeria. Websites like Toluna, MOBROG, and Triaba offer surveys for Nigerians.

Similarly, websites like Clickworker and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk offer micro jobs that can be completed in a few minutes. With patience and consistency, these small tasks can add up to 500 naira daily or more.

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8. Small Scale Farming

Agriculture is the backbone of Nigeria’s economy. With small scale farming, you can reap big rewards. Whether it’s poultry farming, vegetable farming, or fish farming, with proper planning and execution, it is possible to make 500 naira daily in Nigeria.

9. Graphic Designing

The demand for skilled graphic designers in Nigeria is soaring. Businesses need logos, banners, flyers, and more. If you have a talent for graphic design, you can find work on freelancing sites and earn your daily 500 naira or even more.

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10. Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading

Forex and cryptocurrency trading can be lucrative, but they come with their own set of risks. It’s important to educate yourself before diving in.

With careful trading and risk management, it is possible to make 500 naira daily in Nigeria. However, this method requires investment and is not suitable for everyone.

11. Event Planning

Nigerians love to celebrate, and good event planners are in high demand. If you are organized and have an eye for detail, you can make more than 500 naira a day in Nigeria from this venture.

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12. Tailoring and Fashion Designing

Fashion is big in Nigeria. If you have a flair for design, starting a small tailoring or fashion design business can lead to substantial daily earnings. With unique designs and good marketing, making 500 daily in Nigeria is achievable.

13. Photography

From weddings and corporate events to family portraits, the need for professional photographers is ever-growing. If you have a knack for taking beautiful photos, you can make a good income from photography.

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14. Real Estate Brokerage

Nigeria’s real estate market is booming. As a real estate broker, you can earn commission on each property sold or rented. While it might require initial effort to establish yourself, the potential income can be substantial.

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15. Handicraft Business

Nigerians appreciate good art and craft. If you’re skilled at making handmade products, why not turn your hobby into a business?

From bead making and pottery to basket weaving and cloth dyeing, there’s a wide range of crafts that can earn you daily income.

16. Uber or Bolt Driver

Ride-sharing services like Uber and Bolt are becoming increasingly popular in Nigeria. If you own a car, or can rent one, you can make good money by becoming a driver.

17. Delivery Service

With the growth of e-commerce in Nigeria, the demand for reliable delivery services has skyrocketed. Starting a delivery service in your local area can be a profitable venture.

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18. Home Baking and Catering

Nigerians love good food. If you enjoy cooking or baking, you can start a home-based catering or bakery business. By marketing your services well, you can turn your passion into profit.

19. Sell Products on Online Marketplaces

Make 500 Naira Daily

Online marketplaces like Jumia and Konga offer a great platform to sell a wide variety of products. Whether you want to sell new, used, or handmade items, these platforms can help you reach a wide audience and earn daily income.

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20. Virtual Assistant

Many businesses and professionals are outsourcing their administrative tasks to virtual assistants. If you are organized, proficient in computer skills, and have a good internet connection, being a virtual assistant can be a profitable online business to make 500 daily.


There are many ways to make 500 naira daily in Nigeria. You just need to find the one that fits your skills and interests. Don’t let challenges discourage you. Remember, success comes to those who are determined and persistent.

What’s going to be your first step towards making 500 naira daily in Nigeria? Share your chosen method in the comments, or tell us about other ways you’ve found to make money. We’d love to hear from you!

So, now you know how to earn 500 in a day in Nigeria, start your journey today and pave your way towards financial freedom. Remember, the key is consistency and hard work.