PalmPay Points: How to Earn, Use & Withdraw in 2024

  • December 13, 2023

With a lot of features on the app, PalmPay is undoubtedly one of the best and most popular platforms that offer financial services online.

With PalmPay, users can send, receive and save money, you can also use the PalmPay app to buy airtime and pay bills where you earn cashback as you carry out those transactions.

Talking about cashback, it is the most popular way many fintech platforms like Opay, and PalmPay rewards customers for their patronage. But PalmPay has taken it a step forward by also giving customers points for some transactions.

If you already know about the PalmPay points and have earned some, you’d probably be looking for how to withdraw your PalmPoints or how to use them.

That’s why we’ve curated this post on how to withdraw PalmPay points and how to convert PalmPay points to money to show you how to do the withdrawal, and also how to use PalmPay points.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

What are PalmPay Points?

PalmPay points are the reward points awarded to users for completing some easy tasks like referring a friend, funding wallet, and participating in promos that give points.

The PalmPay points are called the PalmPoints, and there’s no limit to the number of points a user can accumulate on the PalmPay app.

One amazing thing about theses points is that their value is in form of that of the local currency (Naira in Nigeria).

That simply means 1 PalmPay point or 1 PalmPoint is equivalent to 1 Naira (₦1), 50 PalmPoints is equivalent to 50 Naira (₦50), and 100 PalmPay points is equivalent to 100 Naira (₦100), and so on.

Once you successfully complete the tasks to earn those points, they will be automatically available on your PalmPay wallet, and ready to be used.

Now, let’s see how to earn PalmPay points.

How to Earn PalmPay Points

Like I said above, PalmPoints can be earned by completing some coin tasks that reward you with points.

The following are some of the ways to earn PalmPay points on the PalmPay app.

  • Sign up for a new account with a PalmPay invitation code.
  • Invite a friend to register a PalmPay account using your invitation code.
  • Pay bills, buy airtime and data.
  • Update your account information
How to earn PalmPay points

Those are some of the ways to earn free PalmPay points which can be used to buy airtime and do on.

Now that you know how to earn the points, let’s see how to withdraw PalmPay points after earning.

How to Withdraw PalmPay Points

After earning enough PalmPoints from tasks completed, you may be wondering how you can withdraw the points.

Here’s how:

To withdraw PalmPay points, first of all, you need to convert all your points from PalmPoints to PalmCoins. Once that is done, you can now withdraw your PalmPay coins into airtime to recharge any local network’s line.

You can also use your points to buy items from the PalmPay coin mall after it is converted from points to coins.

Therefore, if you’re among those seeking answers to how to convert PalmPay points to money, it is quite unfortunate that your PalmPoints can only be used to buy airtime and other items from PalmPay.

How to Use PalmPay Points

To use your PalmPay points, you’ll first need to accumulate enough PalmPoints, then convert the points into PalmPay Coins (PalmCoins).

After that, you can now use PalmCoins to redeem available items in the Coin Mall. You can exchange your PalmCoins for amazing items and also get free prizes in the redemption centre.

All you just need to make that happen is to just visit the Coins Mall to view the available redeemable products.

More so, your PalmCoins can also be used to buy data and airtime coupons at extremely discounted rates.

PalmPoints – FAQs

What are PalmPoints used for?

PalmPay PalmPoints can be used to buy airtime and data at a discounted price. It can also be converted into PalmCoins to use and purchase items from PalmPay coin mall at discounted prices.

How do i redeem my palmpay points?

You can redeem your PalmPay points for airtime, and data. PalmPoints can also be redeemed to PalmCoins.

How do I convert PalmPay coins to money?

You cannot convert PalmPay coins directly into real cash, as it can only be used to purchase coupons, and can also be exchanged for exciting items and also get free prizes in the redeem center.


With PalmPay being one of the most popular finance app among students, there’s more you can do with the app that just sending and receiving money.

With this simple guide on how to convert PalmPay points to money, I believe how to withdraw PalmPay points and how to use PalmPay points shouldn’t be a problem anymore.