How to Withdraw from PalmPay [Fast & Easy Methods]

  • December 13, 2023

The existence of PalmPay in the fintech industry sector of Nigeria has really been a game changer for a lot of Nigerians as they can now do all their banking transactions online.

With PalmPay, you can receive, save and send money. Bill payments and airtime purchase is also part of the financial services that this platform offers.

Of course, you can also withdraw your money from PalmPay without having to go to the bank and wait in a long queue to submit your withdrawal slip.

That’s amazing, right?

That’s why we’ve brought before you how to withdraw from PalmPay, and get your money instantly in cash without stress.

Without a waste of time, let’s get started!

Withdrawing Money from PalmPay

Of course, we all know that you can fund and transfer money to your PalmPay wallet with the intention of saving it or using it for something else.

However, when it comes to withdrawing money, people tend to get confused as PalmPay doesn’t have an ATM card like Opay.

Even though there is no ATM card for withdrawal on PalmPay, you really can still withdraw from PalmPay because it has a withdrawal feature on the app.

The PalmPay withdrawal feature let you withdraw your money via a PalmPay agent.

Now, let’s see how to withdraw from PalmPay at POS.

How to Withdraw from PalmPay

To withdraw your money from PalmPay via a PalmPay POS agent, simply visit a nearby PalmPay agent, and follow the guideline below.

How to withdraw money from PalmPay
  1. Open the PalmPay app on your phone and log into your account.
  2. On your dashboard, click on the “Pay Shop” button.
  3. Ask for the agent’s Merchant ID Number (it is usually 8 digits). You can also ask to scan the agent’s Merchant QR code.
  4. Confirm the merchant details.
  5. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  6. Enter your PalmPay transaction pin.
  7. Get your cash from the agent if the transaction is successful.

Alternatively, you can withdraw money from PalmPay using the PalmPay withdrawal feature.

This can be done by simply clicking on the “Withdraw” button when you open the PalmPay app on your phone.

After that, select and add the bank account number you want to withdraw the money to, enter the amount to withdraw, confirm the account details and enter your PalmPay transaction pin to make payment.

Keep in mind that the PalmPay withdrawal feature is just like a bank transfer feature. Therefore, the money withdrawn will be sent to the bank account provided.

You can use this method at a regular POS point.

PalmPay Withdrawal Charges

PalmPay is almost free. However, if withdrawing your money at a PalmPay POS agent’s place, be ready to pay the charges that the agent may seek.

On the app, if it’s your first 3 transfers you made to the POS agent, you won’t be charged as it is free.

However, subsequent transfers after that will be charged at a rate of 10 Naira per transfer.

Therefore, if you’re withdrawing from PalmPay using the transfer method, you’ll be charged a 10 Naira service fee on the 4th and above transfer of the day.

PalmPay POS Withdrawal Charges

Like I said above, PalmPay agents determine the amount they would charge you for withdrawal, so, be prepared to pay their charges just like a regular POS merchant.

PalmPay Withdrawal – FAQs

How do I get my money from PalmPay?

You can get your money from PalmPay by transferring or withdrawing it straight to your bank account, or visit a nearby POS agent and transfer your money to and get cash.

How can I withdraw my money from PalmPay?

You can withdraw your money from PalmPay by simply visiting a nearby PalmPay merchant, getting the merchant ID, transferring money to the agent, and getting your money back in cash.

What are PalmPay withdrawal methods?

PalmPay withdrawal methods include Pay Merchant, Withdrawal, and bank transfer. 

We believe this simple guide on how to withdraw from PalmPay would help you get your PalmPay money in cash in fast and easy ways.