How to Become a Freelancer in Nigeria [Beginners Guide 2024]

  • October 2, 2023

How to Become a Freelancer in Nigeria: Are you yearning for a career that offers the flexibility to work from anywhere, the freedom to choose your projects, and the joy of being your own boss? Well, welcome to the thrilling world of freelancing in Nigeria!

In the bustling heart of Nigeria, an economic revolution is quietly taking shape. Traditional 9-5 jobs are gradually giving way to flexible, location-independent work styles.

That has made the question on many lips be – “how can I start freelancing in Nigeria?” or “how to start freelancing as a student?”. If you ever asked yourself that, you’re certainly not alone.

This comprehensive guide will show you step-by-step how to become a freelancer in Nigeria, even if you’re starting with no experience.

So, are you ready to redefine your career? Let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

What is Freelancing?

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of how to become a freelancer in Nigeria, let’s take a moment to understand what freelancing truly entails.

Simply put, freelancing is a form of self-employment where individuals offer services to clients without a long-term commitment. These services can range from writing and design to programming and digital marketing.

The possibilities are virtually endless, and the beauty of freelancing lies in its flexibility and the vast array of opportunities it presents.

As a freelancer, you can work from anywhere, set your own rates, and choose the projects you want to work on.

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Requirements to Be a Freelancer

Skills and Talents

The first and foremost requirement to become a freelancer is having a marketable skill or talent. You might be an exceptional writer, a savvy digital marketer, a creative graphic designer, or a proficient software developer.

The list is virtually endless, and your chosen field would largely determine the specific skills you need. Even if you’re starting with no experience, identify your skills and build upon them.

Digital Proficiency

In the digital age, and especially when considering how to start freelancing on Fiverr or similar platforms, being comfortable with technology is a must.

From project management tools to invoicing software, digital proficiency can streamline your processes and make your freelancing journey smoother.

Access to the Internet

Since a farmer can’t go to the farm without a hoe and a cutlass, so you can’t become a freelancer without access to the internet. In this case, your hoe and cutlass is a smartphone or PC, and an internet connection, also known as a data bundle.

With that being said, let’s dive into the real deal – how to start freelancing in Nigeria.

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How to Become a Freelancer in Nigeria: Step-By-Step Guide

Here’s a practical step-by-step guide on how to become a Freelancer in Nigeria in 2023:

1. Identify Your Skills and Talents

How to Become a Freelancer in Nigeria

The first step on your journey to becoming a freelancer in Nigeria is to identify your skills and talents. What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? These questions form the basis of your freelance career.

Conduct self-assessment exercises and do market research to identify in-demand skills. Remember, freelancing isn’t limited to professionals with years of experience.

If you’re wondering how to start freelancing with no experience, it’s all about leveraging your existing skills and learning new ones.

2. Acquire Necessary Training

Once you have identified your skills, the next step is to hone them. In the modern digital age, there are numerous online platforms for skill acquisition.

Platforms like YouTube, Coursera, Udemy, and LinkedIn Learning offer courses on a wide array of subjects. If you prefer traditional learning environments, many Nigerian institutions offer relevant courses too (e.g. Programming).

Remember, continuous learning is a crucial aspect of freelancing, so never stop improving and expanding your skillset.

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3. Create a Winning Portfolio

The key to attracting clients is to showcase your work effectively. A portfolio is an essential tool in your freelancing journey.

It’s your chance to show potential clients what you can do. Include samples of your work, client testimonials, and anything else that demonstrates your capabilities.

If you’re starting with no experience, create sample pieces to show your potential. A well-crafted portfolio can open doors and set the stage for a successful freelancing career in Nigeria.

4. Set Up Your Online Presence

Next, it’s time to set up your online presence. This is crucial if you want to start freelancing on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.

Not necessary, but if possible, create a professional website showcasing your portfolio, your services, and a bit about yourself.

Social media platforms are also excellent tools for networking and finding freelance jobs.

Make sure your online presence is well-optimized to increase your visibility in the crowded digital marketplace.

5. Find Freelance Jobs

Wondering how to start freelancing on Fiverr or Upwork? These platforms are a great place to find freelance jobs.

When applying for jobs, make sure to write winning proposals that show why you’re the best fit for the project.

Apart from these platforms, you can also find freelance jobs through your network, job boards, and even social media.

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6. Negotiate Rates and Contracts

As a freelancer in Nigeria, understanding how to negotiate rates and contracts is essential. Determine how much to charge for your services based on market rates, your experience, and the complexity of the work.

When entering into a contract, ensure it outlines the scope of work, deadlines, payment terms, and any other necessary details.

Tips to Be Successful as a Nigerian Freelancer

Develop Excellent Customer Service Skills

Freelancing isn’t just about doing the work; it’s also about building relationships with your clients. Ensure you communicate effectively and professionally.

Always deliver your work on time and be open to feedback. Building strong relationships with your clients can lead to repeat business and referrals, which are gold in the freelancing world.

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Build a Professional Network

In freelancing, who you know can sometimes be as important as what you know.

Build a professional network by attending local networking events, joining online forums and communities, and leveraging platforms like LinkedIn.

Networking could be the difference between scrambling for jobs and having clients reach out to you. Remember, the more connections you make, the more opportunities you’ll find.

Manage Your Finances

As a freelancer, you’re also a business owner, which means you’re responsible for managing your finances. Be diligent about invoicing and following up on payments.

Also, remember to set aside money for taxes and savings. Financial management might seem daunting at first, but with practice and perhaps a little help from financial management tools, you’ll get the hang of it.

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Balance Work and Life

One of the challenges of freelancing is finding a balance between work and personal life. Time management strategies can help ensure that you’re not always on the clock.

Remember to take breaks and make time for relaxation and hobbies. Balancing work and life effectively can enhance your productivity and prevent burnout.

Self-Discipline and Motivation

Unlike traditional jobs, freelancing doesn’t have a fixed 9-5 schedule or a supervisor to keep you on track. It requires a great deal of self-discipline and motivation.

You’ll need to manage your time effectively, meet deadlines, and stay motivated even when things get tough.

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Continually Upgrade Your Skills

Freelancing is a dynamic field. Trends change, new tools emerge, and client requirements evolve. As a freelancer, you must have a learning mindset.

Continuous skill acquisition is vital to remain relevant, especially in a bustling freelancing landscape like Nigeria.

So, whether you’re just figuring out how to start freelancing as a student or planning to jump into freelancing after years in a regular job, always be ready to learn.

Freelance in Nigeria – FAQs

How can a beginner start freelancing?

A beginner can start freelancing by first identifying their marketable skills, continuously learning to improve these skills, creating a strong portfolio, and finally, registering on freelancing platforms like Fiverr or Upwork to start attracting clients.

How much do freelancers make in Nigeria?

The earnings of freelancers in Nigeria vary widely depending on their skills, experience, and the type of projects they undertake, but it can range from a few thousand Naira for small projects to millions for more complex, long-term projects.

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Which freelancing site is best for beginners in Nigeria?

For beginners in Nigeria, Fiverr is often considered the best freelancing site due to its user-friendly interface, lower competition compared to other platforms, and a wide variety of job categories.

Do Nigerians get work on Upwork?

Yes, Nigerians can indeed find work on Upwork; while it may be competitive, many Nigerian freelancers have built successful careers on this platform by showcasing their skills effectively and delivering top-quality work consistently.

How do I start freelancing with no experience for beginners?

To start freelancing with no experience, focus on leveraging your existing skills, create sample works for your portfolio, learn continuously, and begin by offering your services on beginner-friendly platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.


Learning how to become a freelancer in Nigeria can open up a world of opportunities. Whether you’re looking to start freelancing as a student, with no experience, or to transition from a traditional job, freelancing offers flexibility, potential for high income, and the chance to work on a variety of exciting projects.

Remember, the path to successful freelancing involves identifying your skills, acquiring necessary training, creating an impressive portfolio, building a robust online presence, and continually learning and adapting. With determination and resilience, you too can join the ranks of successful freelancers in Nigeria.

As the Nigerian proverb goes, “No matter how long the night, the day is sure to come.” So take the first step, and before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to a successful freelancing career. Good luck on your journey!

Now it’s your turn! Are you ready to start your freelancing journey? Share your thoughts, experiences, or any questions you might have in the comment section below.