Fairmoney Referral Code | Get N4000+ Per Sign Up 2024

  • November 19, 2023

This post contains information about the Fairmoney Referral Code and how to get and use it.

One hidden thing about Fairmoney that just a few people know is that the app has a unique referral program.

Yes, Fairmoney is a loan app that gives you up to 1million Naira loan for a period of 18 months.

Even without collateral, a guarantor, and an ID card, you can get some payday loan on the app.

More so, you can also add money to your Fairsave and get daily interest on it.

And one super cool thing is that if you refer your friends to this app, and they take their first loan, you’ll get some rewards.

Wants to know more? Then keep reading for in this post I’ll show you how to get referral code on Fairmoney, and how to use it to get rewards.

About Fairmoney Referral Program

The Fairmoney loan app has a referral program that is used to reward all of its customers both new and old.

This referral program works in a way that when you invite new customers to the Fairmoney loan app to sign up and take a loan, you’ll get rewarded.

That simply means when you tell your friends, family, schoolmates, or neighbours about Fairmoney, and convince them to sign up, you’ll be given some money as a reward.

It doesn’t end there, as the person you refer to will get some rewards after taking their first loan on the App.

To make this work, Fairmoney assigns a unique referral code to each and every account. Once you copy and share this code with your friends, and on social media, and if it is used while signing up, your reward will be approved.

That means without the unique referral code, you cannot get a signup bonus and rewards.

So, let’s see what the Fairmoney referral code looks like, and how you can get the code to share with friends.

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Fairmoney Referral Code

The Fairmoney referral code is HLT94. When you use this code while registering on the Fairmoney app, you’ll be rewarded with money after taking your first loan.

All you just need to do to activate this code is click on “Have a Referral Code”, and enter HLT94 as your referral code if you’re registering a new account.

That is what the Fairmoney referral code looks like, and when you share yours and it is used by a new customer, the new customer will get rewarded, so as you’ll be rewarded too.

Now, let’s see how to get your own referral code on Fairmoney.

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How to Get Referral Code on Fairmoney

Like I said earlier, without a unique referral code, you cannot get rewards on Fairmoney when you invite friends.

Therefore, below is an easy step-by-step guide on how to get referral code on Fairmoney.

  • Open the app and log in to your Fairmoney account.
  • Find and click on ‘Profile’
  • Now, Click on ‘Invite Friends’
  • Finally, Click on ‘COPY LINK’

You can share the link with your friends who haven’t downloaded the Fairmoney app yet, and after they download the app, the referral code will be automatically added.

However, if the person you want to refer already has the Fairmoney app on their phone, but is yet to create an account, you can tell them to input your referral code manually.

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How Fairmoney Referral Code Works

After copying your referral link using the method explained above, just open the notepad or WhatsApp app on your phone.

Now, paste the link on any of these apps and you’ll see some letters capitalized at the end of the link.

Copy the capitalized letters and send, show, or give them to your friends to enter as their referral code while signing up for Fairmoney.

If done perfectly, you’ll get a bonus as your referee too after taking their first loan.

Now, let’s see what the bonus you’ll get looks like.

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Fairmoney Referral Bonus

The first referral bonus on Fairmoney is the discount bonus.

This works in a way that when your referral code is used to sign up or register a Fairmoney app account, and the referee takes his/her first loan, you’ll get a discount on your next loan.

The discount here is usually ₦500. Therefore, if you’re taking a loan of ₦3,000 next and say your interest is ₦500, while repaying your Fairmoney loan, you’ll only pay back ₦3,000.

That simply means that you’ve used your ₦500 discount. The more people you refer, the more discount you’ll get.

The second type of referral program on Fairmoney is the Cashback rewards campaign.

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How Fairmoney Cash Back Reward Campaign Works

FairMoney Cash Back Campaign or MFB is the new type of reward offer on Fairmoney where you can get up to ₦7,000 on every qualified referral.

The rewards here often range from ₦5,000 to ₦7,000 depending on how the system ranked the person you refer.

This method is the most popular on Fairmoney and a lot of people are cashing out big bucks from this program.

All you need to do is to refer a friend to download the FairMoney app using your referral link. 

Or make sure they use your referral code when they are signing up if they’ve already had the app pre-installed on their phone.

Then, convince them and ensure they apply for and accept their first FairMoney loan.

Finally, seat back and keep earning ₦5,000 – ₦7000 cashback and ₦500 discount on your next loan while your friend gets ₦1,000 upon the loan disbursal

While you may not see such a campaign anywhere on the app, it may seem unreal, but just try it out yourself and confirm.

It’s very simple. All you just need to do is to refer a lot of friends and you can earn up to ₦100,000 without doing anything.

While it’s d that simply, keep in mind that there are some terms and conditions that come with it.

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Things to Know About the Cash Back Fairmoney Referral Campaign (MFB)

First of all, there is no limit to the number of people you can refer.

That means if the campaign is still on, you can refer as many new customers as possible to take loans on Fairmoney.

Others are:

  • The Referee must use the Referrer’s Invite Code to take their first loan.
  • The Referee must not already be a FairMoney user and must not have an existing FairMoney Bank Account
  • Cash-back will be credited to all eligible users by the first week of the following month.


While Fairmoney may seem just like an ordinary normal loan app, there is more to do on this awesome app, as you can also earn money with it.

Anyways, I believe you’ve gotten the Fairmoney referral code and also known more about the Fairmoney bonus for inviting friends.

If you still have questions, do not hesitate in dropping them in the comment box below, I’ll be glad to help.