List of Commercial Banks in Nigeria (2024)

  • December 13, 2023

Ever wondered what drives the economic engine of Africa’s largest economy? 

Commercial banks in Nigeria play a pivotal role, fostering growth and innovation. With a plethora of options, how do you discern the types of commercial banks in Nigeria that suit your needs?

From investors to everyday consumers, this comprehensive guide explores the list of commercial banks in Nigeria, their history, functions, and much more.

Buckle up for an engaging journey through the financial backbone of Nigeria.

Hope you’re ready? Let’s go then!

Overview & History of Commercial Banks in Nigeria

Commercial Banks in Nigeria

Definition and Roles of Commercial Banks

Commercial banks in Nigeria are the lifeblood of the economy. They provide essential services such as accepting deposits, granting loans, and offering investment products.

The number of commercial banks in Nigeria has seen fluctuations over time, reflecting the dynamic economic landscape.

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Regulatory Framework Governing Commercial Banks

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) oversees all the commercial banks in Nigeria, ensuring adherence to regulations and maintaining stability.

Commercial banks approved by CBN operate within a legal framework that ensures consumer protection and market integrity.

Recent Trends and Developments

With digital transformation, new commercial banks in Nigeria are emerging, embracing technology, and providing innovative services.

The landscape is ever-changing, reflecting global trends and local needs.

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List of Commercial Banks in Nigeria

Below is an exhaustive list of commercial banks in Nigeria, including both conventional and Islamic banks.

  1. Access Bank Plc 
  2. Citibank Nigeria Limited 
  3. Ecobank Nigeria Plc 
  4. Fidelity Bank Plc 
  5. First Bank Nigeria Limited 
  6. First City Monument Bank Plc 
  7. Globus Bank Limited 
  8. Guaranty Trust Bank Plc 
  9. Heritage Banking Company Ltd. 
  10. Keystone Bank Limited 
  11. Parallex Bank Ltd 
  12. Polaris Bank Plc 
  13. Premium Trust Bank 
  14. Providus Bank 
  15. Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc 
  16. Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria Ltd. 
  17. Sterling Bank Plc 
  18. SunTrust Bank Nigeria Limited 
  19. Titan Trust Bank Ltd 
  20. Union Bank of Nigeria Plc 
  21. United Bank For Africa Plc 
  22. Unity Bank Plc 
  23. Wema Bank Plc 
  24. Zenith Bank Plc 

Top 5 Commercial Banks (By Assets, Customers, etc.)

When considering the best commercial banks in Nigeria, various factors such as assets, customer service, and innovation come into play. Here are the top five:


With its cutting-edge services and strong market presence, GTBank stands tall among the commercial banks in Nigeria.

Access Bank

One of the major players in the Nigerian banking industry, Access Bank has become a household name due to its aggressive expansion strategy and emphasis on customer service.

With assets surpassing NGN 4.2 trillion, it is considered one of the best commercial banks in Nigeria and has a wide-reaching network both nationally and internationally.

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UBA (United Bank for Africa)

With a rich heritage dating back to 1949, UBA operates in 20 African countries and globally in cities like London and New York.

Focused on retail banking and known for its robust technological platform, UBA continues to be a leader in the Nigerian commercial banking sector.

Its customer-oriented approach has earned it a spot among the top commercial banks in Nigeria.

First Bank of Nigeria

Established in 1894, First Bank is an example of the rich history of commercial banks in Nigeria. Offering a wide range of services, it’s one of the best commercial banks in Nigeria.

Zenith Bank Plc

Known for strong corporate governance and innovation, Zenith is a leader among the names of commercial banks in Nigeria.

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Mergers and Acquisitions in Commercial Banking

The history of commercial banks in Nigeria is marked by mergers and acquisitions. This has shaped the sector, increasing efficiency and competitiveness. For example:

  • Access Bank and Diamond Bank Merger (2019): Creating one of the largest commercial banks in Nigeria.

Digital Transformation in Commercial Banking

As we all know, technology is redefining commercial banks not only in Nigeria, but all over the world.

From mobile banking to AI-driven services, examples of commercial banks in Nigeria leveraging technology abound.

This trend positions Nigerian banks at the forefront of global innovation.

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Investment Opportunities in Commercial Banking

Investing in commercial banks in Nigeria offers numerous opportunities. By understanding the types of commercial banks in Nigeria, investors can make informed decisions.

Whether it’s equity, bonds, or mutual funds, commercial banks in Nigeria provide diverse investment avenues.

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Nigeria’s financial landscape is as diverse as it is dynamic. The names of commercial banks in Nigeria reflect a rich heritage and promising future.

Whether you’re an investor, entrepreneur, or consumer, understanding the types and functions of commercial banks in Nigeria is crucial.

Embrace the possibilities, engage with the system, and explore the world of opportunities offered by commercial banks in Nigeria.