Can Opay Receive Dollars? Everything You Need to Know 2024

  • December 13, 2023

Can Opay Receive Dollars: With the increasing digitalization of financial services in Nigeria, Opay has emerged as a leader in online banking.

As a Nigerian, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Can Opay receive dollars?” Or, “Can my Opay account receive dollars from abroad?”

In this comprehensive guide, we demystify the process of opening an Opay account, highlight its numerous benefits, and, importantly, answer your burning questions about receiving foreign currency with this versatile platform.

Understanding OPay & How it Works

Opay, a revolutionary platform, provides Nigerians with a seamless experience for various financial transactions. However, what has intrigued many is its potential to transact in foreign currency.

Therefore, the question, “Can Opay receive dollars?” and the likes of “Can Opay send dollars?” have become increasingly common. As we delve into this guide, we will shed more light on these inquiries.

Before exploring the question, “Can Opay account receive dollars?”, let’s discuss the essentials of opening an account. You will need a valid form of identification, a BVN (Bank Verification Number), and a smartphone with internet access.

With these prerequisites, you’re well on your way to benefiting from Opay’s extensive services, including the ability to send and receive dollars.

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Can Opay Receive Dollars?

The main event: “Can Opay receive dollars?”

The answer is yes. Thanks to its partnership with Worldremit, Opay can receive dollars, making it an exceptional tool for those involved in international business or with family abroad.

However, as of now, while Opay can receive dollars, it doesn’t hold the dollars. The automatic conversion ensures that your balance is always maintained in Naira. So if you’re thinking, “Can Opay hold dollars?”, the answer is no, at least for now.

And that means when someone sends you dollars to your Opay account, the platform automatically converts it to the Nigerian Naira at the prevailing exchange rate.

So, moving forward, if you’ve been asking, “Can you receive dollars with Opay?”, it’s essential to understand how this works.

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How to Receive Dollars with Opay

As said above, the Opay dollar transaction service is powered by a third-party company known as Worldremit. Therefore, in understanding how to receive dollars with Opay, we need to first discuss what Worldremit is.

WorldRemit is a digital alternative to traditional money transfer services, allowing you to send money to over 150 countries from your smartphone or computer.

Now that we’ve got a sense of WorldRemit, let’s take a look at how its partnership with Opay can help you receive dollars in Nigeria.

To receive dollars with Opay via WorldRemit, the sender needs to:

  • Select ‘Nigeria’ as the destination country and ‘Opay’ as the payout network on the WorldRemit app or website.
  • Then, they punch in the amount to send.
  • After that, they simply input your phone number (which serves as your Opay account number).
  • Then complete the transaction by hitting the “SEND” button, and the money will head directly to your Opay account.
  • On receipt, Opay converts the dollars into Naira at the prevailing exchange rate, depositing it directly into your account.

Thats it! This seamless process opens up a world of possibilities for Opay account holders, enabling them to receive international remittances directly into their Opay account.

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Tips to Improve Your Opay Experience

The benefits of using Opay, especially its ability to receive dollars, can be maximized with a few tips.

  • Regularly update your app to enjoy new features and security updates.
  • For issues related to transactions, such as questions like “Can dollars be sent to Opay?”, reach out to their customer service.
  • Remember, while Opay can receive dollars, it always converts it to Naira.

Opay Receiving USD – FAQs

The topic of Opay receiving dollars often comes with many other questions. We’ve answered a few common ones below.

Does Opay receive dollars?

Yes, Opay can receive dollars, which is automatically converted into Naira upon receipt.

Can dollars be sent to Opay?

Yes, you can send dollars to an Opay account, but it’s important to note that it will be converted to Naira immediately.

Can Opay send dollars?

Yes, Opay can send dollars. However, the dollars will be converted into the currency of the recipient’s country.


Navigating the digital banking landscape can be daunting, especially when dealing with foreign transactions. With Opay, not only can you handle your local transactions with ease, but you can also confidently answer the question, “Can Opay receive dollars?” with a resounding yes!

Embrace this innovative platform and enjoy the convenience of receiving dollars in your Opay account, adding another tool to your financial arsenal. Don’t forget to share this article with friends and family and help them understand the power of Opay in the world of online banking.