How to Repay Carbon Loan in Nigeria [4 Fast and Easy Ways]

  • November 19, 2023

This post is all about how to repay carbon loan in Nigeria.

With a lot of features on the Carbon Loan App, finding exactly how to repay your loan easily can be a little bit confusing.

Carbon is just one of the few loan apps in the country that makes loan repayment super easy by providing multiple repayment options.

However, a lot of people still struggle with repaying their loans on the carbon app.

If you’re among them, just keep reading for in this post, I’ll show you exactly how to repay Carbon loan in fast and easy ways without delays.

Are you ready? Then, let’s get started!

Repaying Carbon Loan

Repaying your carbon Loan is mandatory for all loanees, and you can’t get away without paying back the loan you collected.

That is why you must read and understand the loan repayment terms and conditions before taking a loan from Carbon.

From bank transfers to ATM card payments, Carbon gives you multiple flexible loan repayment options to choose from.

And with this wide range of repayment options, repaying your loan should definitely be easy especially when you have more than one way. 

Now, let’s see how to repay Carbon loan in four different ways.

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How to Repay Carbon Loan

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to repay Carbon loan.

  1. Sign in to your account on the Carbon app.
  2. Navigate to “My Loans”.
  3. Then, click on “Make a Payment”.
  4. Now, select from the available repayment options that includes:

Carbon App

The first and most recommended method to use in repaying your loan is the Carbon app.

Since Carbon is more of a finance app than a loan app like other online loaning apps in Nigeria, you can fund your Carbon wallet to repay your loan.

That can be done by funding/adding money to your account. Once added, proceed to repay your loan by selecting the tab with your main Carbon wallet account.

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Quickteller is another great way to repay your Carbon loan.

This can be done by:

  •  Visit www.quickteller.com/onecredit
  • Select the option for “Carbon”.
  • Fill in your details.
  • Enter your Client ID.
  • Enter your debit card details.
  • Finally, click on “Pay Now”.

Once done correctly, your loan will be repaid and your account will be automatically updated.

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Bank Transfer (Mobile App)

You can also repay your loan on Carbon using your Bank’s mobile app to transfer the fund owed.

To use this method, all you need to do is copy the Carbon/Paylater account number, head over to your mobile app and paste it in. Then, proceed to make payment.

Be sure to add your Client ID or Full Name and phone number as a reference.

Bank Deposit

If a GT Bank is in your area and you’re wondering how to repay Carbon Loan offline, this is the perfect option for you.

All you need to do with this method is sure you have cash of your full loan on you. Then, visit a GTB branch, and fill in the deposit form with the Carbon account number and name (Provided on the carbon App). 

Now, fill in your Full name and Phone number registered on the carbon app, and finally, fill in the amount you want to repay.

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Carbon Loan Repayment FAQs

Can I pay my Carbon loan before the due date?

Yes, you can repay your Carbon loan before the due date. In fact, it is really advisable you repay your loan before the due date so as to get a reduction in interest, and also a good credit score.

What happens if I don’t pay my Carbon loan?

If you don’t pay your Carbon loan on time, Carbon will keep increasing your interest rate every day.

More so, you’ll keep getting calls from Carbon, urging you to repay your loan.

How long do Carbon loan takes to repay?

Repaying your loan on Carbon doesn’t take much time. Within a few minutes after carrying out the repayment transaction, you’ll get a notification message from Carbon confirming your loan repayment.

How do I pay back my loan on Carbon?

You can pay back your loan on Carbon via USSD, Bank transfer, and/or your debit card (ATM card).


With a wide range of repayment options, I believe by now, how to repay Carbon loan shouldn’t be something to worry about anymore since you’ve read this article.

If you still have questions concerning this topic, please feel free to use the comment box below.

Peace Out!