GEEP Loan: Application Portal, USSD Code & Login (2024)

  • November 19, 2023

GEEP Loan: Ever wondered how you could transform ₦50,000 into a thriving business venture in Nigeria?

Well, with the GEEP loan, this dream might just be closer to reality than you think. Let’s take a deep dive.

Is there a better feeling than having your government actively support your business aspirations?

For many Nigerians, the GEEP loan has been that lifeline. But what exactly is the GEEP loan? And how can you, our esteemed reader, benefit from it?

Overview of GEEP Loan


The GEEP loan, a beacon of hope for many entrepreneurs, was birthed in 2016. With a keen focus on Micro SMEs (MSMEs), it’s clear that the government is rooting for the underdog.

Unlike many other financial platforms, this is purely a government venture, standing out from the privately-owned platforms.

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Key Benefits of the GEEP Loan

Now, imagine getting a loan without the looming dread of interest. Even better, picture not having to put up any of your assets as collateral.

That’s what the GEEP loan offers. In a landscape where many shy away from loans due to high-interest rates, the GEEP loan emerges as a true game-changer.

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GEEP Loan Types

Under the GEEP loan umbrella, there are three distinct categories tailored to fit various business models:

Trader Moni

Whether you’re eyeing that ₦50,000 GEEP loan application to jumpstart your small-scale venture or expand it, Trader Moni has got you.

Ideal for small-scale traders, it’s perfect for everyone from fruit sellers to kiosk owners. Often referred to as the “GEEP TraderMoni”, it’s one of the most popular options.

Farmer Moni

Before you get too excited about this one, make sure you’re registered with the CAC.

This category, fondly called the “GEEP FarmerMoni”, is tailor-made for our farming enthusiasts. Planning to scale your agro-business? This might be your golden ticket.

Market Moni

The “GEEP MarketMoni” is a haven for agro-based entrepreneurs.

If the soil and seeds speak to your soul, and you’re looking to make significant strides in agri-business, this is where you should be.

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Loan Amounts and Duration

So, you’ve settled on a category. What next? Well, depending on your needs, you can request a loan as minimal as N10,000 or as hefty as N300,000.

And the best part? These loans are interest-free! With the GEEP loan, you’re given a fair six-month duration for repayment, giving you ample time to utilize and return the funds.

Geep Loan Application Process: Simplified

Wondering how to apply for GEEP loan? The application process is a breeze.

Whether you’re accessing the GEEP loan application portal online or prefer a physical approach, here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Begin with the GEEP Registration Portal

Fire up your browser and head to the GEEP registration portal at www.growthplatform.me.

This is the official GEEP loan portal where all the magic happens.

2. Locate the GEEP Link

On the main page, navigate and look for the GEEP link. If it’s active, it means applications are open, and you’re one step closer to your ₦50,000 GEEP loan application.

3. Familiarize Yourself with the Guidelines

Now, don’t rush. Ensure you carefully go through the guidelines provided on the GEEP loan application form.

It’s crucial to understand all the requirements and terms before diving in.

4. Complete the GEEP Loan Application Form

Once you’re clear on the requirements, proceed to fill out the GEEP loan application form. Ensure all details are accurate to avoid any hitches in the process.

Remember to cross-check things like the “GEEP TraderMoni” or “GEEP MarketMoni” categories to ensure you’re applying under the right category.

5. Login GEEP Portal and Monitor your Application

After submitting your form, you’ll need to regularly log in to the GEEP login section of the portal to monitor your application’s progress.

Keeping an eye out for notifications, especially regarding the GEEP loan disbursement date, is essential.

6. Proceed with Offline Application

For those who aren’t as tech-inclined or just prefer human interaction, the GEEP loan has got you covered.

Simply visit the National Orientation Agency in your state to initiate your application process.

Carry all required documents with you, and ensure you keep tabs on the application status.

7. Stay Updated

Given the absence of a GEEP loan code, it’s important to keep the GEEP loan portal bookmarked for easy access.

This way, you can regularly check for updates, announcements, and potential changes to the process.

8. Follow-Up for Approval and Related Issues

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re uncertain about any step. Utilize the contact details provided earlier to make inquiries, clarify doubts, or even get insights on when the next “GEEP 2.0” phase might be launched.

Worried about the GEEP loan disbursement date? Keep an eye on your notifications and ensure all your details on the GEEP login portal are up-to-date.

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Essential Documentation for the GEEP Loan

To ensure your GEEP loan application form gets the green light, you’ll need:

  • Your BVN – no shortcuts here.
  • A Local Government Origin Certificate – to verify your roots.
  • Passport photos – make them clear and recent.
  • The CAC Certificate – especially for those keen on the Farmer Moni category.
  • A valid National ID – to confirm your identity.

Currently, there’s no GEEP loan code available, so be sure to bookmark the official GEEP website.

Need to check your loan status or GEEP payment details? The official GEEP website, www.growthplatform.me, is your best bet.

Getting in Touch with GEEP

Still have questions? No worries. GEEP is just a call or click away:

  • Address: BOI House Plot 256, Abuja OR 23 Marina Street, Lagos.
  • Phone: +234 700 6275 386 or +234 700 1000 200
  • Website: www.growthplatform.me
  • Email: ask@growthplatform.tech


In the vast finance world, where terms like “GEEP 2.0” and “Access Bank GEEP loan” are making waves, the GEEP loan remains a significant player.

A beacon of hope for Nigerian entrepreneurs, the GEEP loan is the government’s nod of approval and support.

Don’t let this opportunity slip by. Whether you’re keen on TraderMoni, FarmerMoni, or MarketMoni, there’s something for everyone. Take that leap, and watch your business soar.