Fruit Salad Business in Nigeria: Step-by-Step Guide to Get Started 2024

  • October 1, 2023

The fruit salad business is a very lucrative one to venture into whether as a student, fresh graduate, job seeker, or housewife. You can start preparing and selling fruit salad anywhere in Nigeria regardless of whether you’re a male or female.

Although it has been around for a long time, the fruit salad business remains untapped in some parts of the country. This makes the business even more profitable, as there’s just a little competition.

Fruit salads are always in demand, so you can make a lot of money from the business. In fact, it can be considered a daily income business, as you’ll hardly not make a sale every day unless you want to take a rest.

The business is very easy to start, and it doesn’t require much capital. If you’re looking to start, there’s no better time than now. That is why we’ve come up with this post to show you exactly how to start a fruit salad business in Nigeria.

In this post, you’ll discover everything from the cost of starting and profits to expect, to packaging and selling of fruit salad to make the most money regardless of your location.

If you’re ready to know all that, let’s go then!

Starting a Fruit Salad Business in Nigeria

Fruit salad business

The fruit salad business involves the preparation, packaging, and selling of fruit mixtures. Unlike selling raw fruits, here you’ll need to process the fruits by cutting and packaging different kinds of fruits in one container, then selling them.

Basically, that’s what the business entails. However, some people take it to the next level by freezing the fruit salads after packaging and then serving them cold/chilled to buyers.

Due to its nutritious value, the demand for fruits is high, so making fruit salad for sale could make you a lot of money. You can start this business both on a small scale and a large scale. Regardless, sales ate certain no matter where you start from.

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Is Fruit Salad Business Profitable in Nigeria?

Yes, the fruit salad business is very profitable in Nigeria. This is not just due to the strong demand for fruits since they are nutritious, but the profit margin too is high.

There’s a lot of money to be made from this business, although it depends on how big or small you start. Also, the business is a good source of daily income, which means you’ll be making money every day selling fruit salad.

The profit margin of a fruit salad business is also massive. This is because middle-income and high-income earners usually buy fruit salads. That means the fruit salads sell for higher prices, which means massive profits.

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How Much Do You Need to Start a Fruit Salad Business in Nigeria?

Since the fruit salad business is new in Nigeria people are more concerned about the starting cost, so they ask questions like what is the capital needed to start a  fruit salad business in Nigeria?

Well, the answer varies. This is because the cost of starting a fruit salad business in Nigeria depends on how big or small you want to start. You can start a small-scale fruit salad business with as little as 10,000 naira. While starting big you may need up to 500,000 naira to start and operate the business in Nigeria.

Why a small-scale fruit salad business is not too costly to start is that you can start by packaging the fruit in nylons and selling them. On the other hand, a large-scale fruit salad business may require you to have a shop, a freezer, and also use plastic containers to package the fruits.

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Equipment Needed to Start a Fruit Salad Business

Here are some of the equipment needed to start a fruit salad business in Nigeria.

  • Knives
  • Cutting boards
  • Trays
  • Bowl
  • Salad spinner
  • Salad server
  • Plastic containers
  • Nylons
  • Show glass and/or plastic rubber
  • Freezer
  • Toothpicks

How to Start a Fruit Salad Business in Nigeria

1. Do a Market Survey

Just like every other business, the first step in starting a fruit salad business in Nigeria is getting to understand the business through thorough market research.

Firstly, you want to know how the business works in your area, identify your target audience, know the best marketing strategies, find out where to buy raw fruits for cheap prices, and so on.

Since the business may be new in some places, you may need to carry out a survey to know if people will be interested before starting. Although, because it’s fruits, they will sell, doing the survey will help you know what to expect and also come up with a good strategy to run the business.

2. Learn How to Make Fruit Salad

Of course, it’s a mixture of different kinds of fruits, but you should know that some combinations could be harmful to human health. So, you need to learn how to make fruit salad before getting started.

You can do this by enrolling in courses offline, or learning how to make fruit salad online by watching YouTube videos, and/or reading blog posts about fruit salad. By doing this, you’ll know the best fruit combination to sell as a beginner.

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2. Arrange for Your Startup Fund

After learning how to make different kinds of fruit salad, the next thing is to arrange for a capital. Like I said earlier, the cost of starting this business depends on how big or small you want to start.

You can always save up doing some menial jobs to start a small-scale fruit salad business in Nigeria. However, if you want to start on a large scale where you’ll need to brand the business unless you already have a source of funding, you may need to seek financial assistance either through loans or partnerships with friends and/or family.

3. Get the Necessary Equipment

The first thing you want to invest in after getting the capital to start a fruit salad business in Nigeria is equipment. The types of equipment needed to start a fruit salad business in Nigeria also depend on your mode of operation.

If you’re starting small, you may not need that much equipment. However, as a large-scale fruit salad seller, you’ll need to buy some costly equipment. Regardless, we’ve listed some of the required equipment above, although while doing your market research, and learning how to make fruit salad, you’ll get to know more about the needed equipment.

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4. Get a Shop

After getting the needed types of equipment, the next thing is to get a shop to start. Once again, this depends on your mode of operation, as you may not even need a shop to start the business on a small scale.

On the other hand, if you want to start big, you’ll need to rent a shop. In this shop, you can process the fruits, package, freeze and also sell them. Depending on your capital, you can start with a container kiosk, and later expand as you grow.

5. Source Raw Fruits

You need to locate the right place to source your raw fruit from if you want to be successful as a fruit salad seller in Nigeria. And the best place would be a farmers’ market near you.

Sourcing the best place to buy, you need to work with a few suppliers who will be able to meet your demand, since you’ll always be in need of fresh fruits. If you just go to a market and buy any kind of fruit, chances are they may not be fresh, that’s why you need to pick a supplier.

Also, make sure you buy fast-moving fruits for fruit salad, and keep in mind not to buy in large quantities as a beginner. Since the market is always open you can always go back and buy fresh fruits when you run out of them.

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6. Process into Fruit Salad and Start Selling

Fruit salad business

Once you buy different kinds of fresh fruits needed to make a fruit salad, the next thing is to start processing. After cutting them, you’ll need to package them either in nylon as a small-scale seller, or a plastic container as a large-scale seller. Then after that, get them frozen and ready for sale.

To start selling you need to market the business. There are lots of ways to market a fruit salad business in Nigeria, including:


Although it may cost some money, branding is the first and most effective way to market your fruit salad business. Branding a fruit salad business starts with having a business name, then printing labels and/or stickers to place on your packaging materials like plastic containers, or printing your business name on the nylons used for packaging your goods.

Doing this, you’re not just marketing your business, but also creating awareness. Once your brand becomes popular, you’ll start driving tons of sales without even spending a dime on advertisement.

Word of Mouth

Another effective way of promoting your fruit salad business in Nigeria is through word of mouth. Tell your friends and family about your business, offer them a sample, and also encourage them to advertise your product to their friends, family, neighbours, and so on.

As a beginner, this is the best way to quickly drive sales, especially if you’re starting on a small scale. You can also advertise your business to professional workers by visiting their offices. This works well if you wish to start, hawking your fruit salad.

Advertise on Social Media

Social media also offers you the opportunity to promote your products and drive sales. You can leverage the power of WhatsApp status to reach a lot of people through reposting. Also, post your fruit salad on Facebook groups, and create Instagram pages for your business to create awareness.

Offer a Delivery Service

To make social media marketing success for a fruit salad business, you would need to offer a delivery service. Since the aim is to drive sales, you often won’t get buyers in your area while promoting your product on social media, so to get the package to them you’ll need to use a dispatch rider.

Operating your business using this strategy will help you in the long run. This is because when you gain a good reputation, buyers from far away would want to try your product.

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The fruit salad business is a very lucrative business to venture into in Nigeria. Although the business best fits ladies, you can start regardless of your gender. All you just need is to know how to make the fruit salad and start making money. With this post, I believe you’ve known how to start a fruit salad business in Nigeria and be successful.