CDCare Review 2024: How it Works, Registration & Login

  • November 19, 2023

Have you ever been stuck wanting to buy a gadget, home appliance, or even a car but didn’t have all the funds upfront?

That’s where CDCare comes in! This innovative platform has become a solution for many Nigerians, offering a ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ service that’s transforming how people shop.

In this detailed review, we’ll cover everything from “is CDCare legit?” to “how to buy on CDCare,” “CDCare products,” “CDCare app download,” and much more.

So, buckle up, and let’s dive right into the world of CDCare!

Overview of CDCare


CDCare, often searched as “cdcare ng,” is a revolutionary platform that offers consumers the opportunity to buy products and pay for them over time.

It’s not just about the convenience of shopping; CDCare takes it a step further with its easy-to-use system.

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About CDCare

Founded by a team of enthusiastic innovators, CDCare has emerged as a reliable platform for buying gadgets, home appliances, and even cdcare cars.

Partnering with Flutterwave, a reputable payment technology company, CDCare has been able to provide secure and transparent services to its users.

How Does CDCare Work?

But how does CDCare work? It’s quite simple!

CDCare offers a flexible buying process that doesn’t require you to pay the full amount at once.

Imagine you want to buy a car but can’t afford the full price upfront. With CDCare, you can choose to pay in installments, making the entire process more affordable and manageable.

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Services Offered by CDCare

Whether you’re new to the platform or an existing user looking to explore more, you’ll find a wide variety of CDCare products.

Let’s delve into what makes CDCare a must-try service for all your shopping needs.

Sales of Gadgets and Home Appliances

From smartphones to refrigerators, CDCare has a vast selection of gadgets and home appliances.

What’s exciting is that you don’t need to pay the whole amount upfront; you can pay small, small with CDCare’s unique system.

If you’ve been wondering, “Is CDCare legit?” the success stories of satisfied customers are a testament to its credibility.

‘Pay Small Small’ Feature

The “Pay Small Small” feature is the essence of CDCare. Whether it’s CDCare cars or home appliances, you can buy on CDcare without the pressure of paying everything at once.

This feature has been a game-changer for many Nigerians, allowing them to own essential products without financial stress.

Flexible Payment Methods and Installment Durations

One of the things people love about CDCare is the flexibility it offers. You can choose from various payment plans that suit your budget and lifestyle.

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How to Register and Buy on CDCare

If you’re wondering how to use CDCare or how to open a CDCare account, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a step-by-step guide that will walk you through the entire process, from cdcare login to confirming your purchase.

Visit CDCare’s Website or Download the CdCare App

The cdcare app download process is straightforward and available for both Android and iOS devices.

Create an Account

If you’re new to CDCare, you’ll need to open a CDCare account by providing your email, phone number, and other essential details.

Browse Products

Once logged in, you can explore various CDCare products, including gadgets, home appliances, and CDCare cars.

Choose and Buy an Item

Found what you’re looking for? Click on the product, and you’ll see options to either pay the full amount or use the “Pay Small Small” feature.

Make the 50% Upfront Payment

To secure your product, you’ll need to pay 50% upfront. Rest assured, cdcare Nigeria provides secure payment methods.

Confirm Delivery Details

Provide your address and preferred delivery time, and you’re all set!

So there you have it, a simple guide on how to buy on CDcare.

How to Open a CDCare Account

In case you just want to join the platform and not buy anything, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to open a CDCare account:

Go to CDCare.ng or Download the CDCare App

You can access CDCare via their website or by downloading the CDCare app from your device’s app store.

Click on ‘Register’ or ‘Sign Up’

On the platform (whether app or website), find the registration or sign-up option and click on it.

Provide Your Details

Next, you’ll be prompted to enter your name, email, phone number, and create a password.

Verify Your Account

Upon the provision and submission of your details, check your email for a verification link and follow the instructions to confirm your account.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you can log in and start exploring the wide array of CDCare products and services.

CD Care – FAQs

Who is the owner of CDcare?

Oluwatobi Odukoya is the owner of CDcare, the popular online platform for buying products in Nigeria.

How does CD care work?

CDcare works by offering a platform to buy products like cars and electronics online, with easy payment options.

How do I pay for CD care?

You can pay on CDcare using wallet fund or bank transfer, making the buying process simple and quick.

How do I Sign up on CDCare?

To sign up on CDCare, visit CDcare.ng or the CDcare app, click “Register,” and follow the easy instructions.


CDCare is revolutionizing how Nigerians shop, making everything from gadgets to cars more accessible through flexible payment plans.

From its e-commerce platform to the innovative “Pay Small Small” feature, CDCare is redefining the buying experience.

Whether you’ve been pondering “how to buy on CDcare” or questioning “is CDCare legit?” this comprehensive review has answered all your questions.

Ready to transform your shopping experience? Visit cdcare.ng or download the CDCare app today, and discover a world of possibilities!